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Monday, August 24, 2015

Are you living your life like an emergency? How Stress Affects your Body

     A lot of people ask me why Energy Medicine and Vibrational Healing is beneficial for them. What will I get out of a Reiki or Healing Touch session? How does color therapy or coaching help me feel better and allow me to enjoy my life?
The answer is simple:

          Vibrational Healing provides you with much needed time to relax and receive.

When our bodies are relaxed they revert to their original programming where everything runs properly just the way that it should. It's like a reset button, a time for the body to be quiet, resume natural full breathing and allow itself to remember what it needs to be doing in order to stay healthy.
     The problem is, most of us are always running to catch up. From one appointment to the next, chore after chore and maybe I can also fit this little thing in here. We forget to breathe; we eat on the fly and have trouble digesting our food (if we would only give it enough time to do so). And well is it any wonder that we reach the end of the day exhausted and drained. Add a few months or years of this behavior and our body starts complaining by manifesting aches and pains and dis-eases. And if we choose to ignore the flashing indicator lights because we don't have time or the budget to deal with things, the symptoms only get worse and we might end up with a very time consuming and more costly problem in our hands. On the flip side,

      A regularly scheduled hour or more of relaxation can help your body resume and retain its natural rhythms.

     When you come in for a session, you lay fully clothed on a comfortable warm massage table with cozy covers, you listen to soft music, perhaps lay a lavender scented eye pillow on your eyes and listen to my guided visualization which puts your mind and body in a calm and serene space where you can relax and enjoy this time for yourself.
     And while you find yourself in that relaxing space using energy medicine techniques your chakras and energy field are balanced and cleared of any toxins and stale energy. We may use crystals to help rejuvenate and clear some areas, reflexology and essential oils to engage the sense of smell and help the body and mind awaken and balance and maybe even some Aura Soma to help you hone in on your life's path. When you remove energetic impurities from the biofield your body and your immune system get stronger and are able to face stress better. The mind is clearer and navigates through life easier. And you feel stronger, more able to deal with life and find your sense of joy again. After a session you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle life. Through regular coaching we are also able to pinpoint the things in life that keep evading you and how to pull them into your reality.
     There's no woo woo here. It has been scientifically proven that when the body is relaxed for regular periods of time it tends to rejuvenate itself and resume its healthy state. When we support the body's energy field we activate it's capacity to self heal. Follow the process with me:
  • Vibrational Healing sessions starts the relaxation process in the body
  • As a result of relaxation endorphins are released in the brain
  • Endorphins send a message to the brain to relax the muscles 
  • The mind let's go of the daily routine and allows the body to relax 
  • As the muscles relax more space between cells is created which begins increased circulation
  • Enhanced blood flow elevates oxygen levels throughout the body
  • Better flow allows for better nutrient absorption
  • Digestion is enhanced as enzymes built up
  • Hormones start regulating
  • Toxins are released from the body
  • New healthy cells are produced and regenerated.
  • The mind relaxes and the body feels good which allows for healing to start taking place
  • Once the body reaches a calm, relaxed state, the immune system is also regulated. As a result the body is strong, the mind is clear and our spirits are lifted.
More and more research is showing that the body needs down time to work efficiently. Eliciting the relaxation Response is a way of keeping yourself in check. Practicing the 4-7-8 breathing technique (posted on my site) is another way of keeping your system relaxed between appointments. Check out this Harvard Medical report that talks about relaxation. 

Are you ready to start releasing stress from your life?
Are you ready to live life with joy and ease?

Book a session today and be on your way to a healthier and more joyful YOU!

     Below is a chart to help you see and pinpoint how stress may affect your body at a glance. Stress can affect our bodies in many ways and a little down time and guidance can help a lot.
     Of course I don't have to tell you that if you have severe or persistent symptoms you should always check with your doctor.

     I look forward to talking with you and finding ways to resume your health together.
     Wishing you a blessed and joyful day!


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 2015 Newsletter - Dont-s-miss-out-on-these-great-Specials--Classes---Events

  • 3 for 2 Back to School Special
  • Mindful ways to conquer stress
  • Classes & Workshops coming up & more
           My Healing Touch & Movement - kids 6-12, every 1st Tuesday of the month
           Jedi Training for the Soul - Teens/Young Adults 15-25, every 2nd Tuesday of the month
           DIY for Health & Home - every 3rd Monday of the month
           Reiki II, September 27th

Monday, August 17, 2015

What we term "negative experiences" count for something...

Negative experiences are an evolutionary catalyst.  

All experiences lead to constructive being. 

The people that challenge us the most, and the experiences in life that are the hardest to overcome are what make us stronger and force us to get up and do something about it.
What helps us grow and find our hidden powers.
I am grateful and give thanks to my all my "teachers" in life :-)
Corinna <3

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

5 Ways of finding Peace and Joy in your Life!

Yes, it is the time of the year to enjoy the bounty of the earth, the warm sunshine on our body and walk barefoot on the grass to connect and ground.
It is also a good time to remember to slow down and savor every moment. 
Are you burned out, stressed, overwhelmed, and running to catch up task after task? 
Are you looking for a way to simplify your life, slow down time and find a sense of purpose and peace for yourself?
Take a leap of faith with me and let’s explore some ways of creating the life you want instead of life happening to you. 
As a Reiki Master/Teacher and Energy Medicine Professional I have acquired a few tolls over the years that help me stay centered and joyful throughout trials and tribulations and I would love to share those with you.

1. Mindfulness. This is a big part of who I am and I am getting better at it every day. Mindful Presence, Mindful Creating and Mindful Eating are some of the simple ways we can create change in our lives.
Put those electronics away and enjoy one thing at a time. If you are working focus on just the task at hand. If you are taking a walk enjoy the sky, the surroundings and everything nature has to offer. If you are eating lunch savor the taste, the smell and the wholesomeness of your food. Multitasking is great and sometimes necessary but try to keep that at a minimum if you want to stay balanced and keep stress out of your life. It just takes practice. The more you catch yourself the more you remember to do it. Don't get upset or judge yourself if you miss an opportunity to be mindful. Cause this leads us to another way of creating change:

2. Love thyself. Sounds easy yes? It is but it takes practice. Starting with being grateful for all the awesomeness you have to offer to the world. Praise yourself and think positive. Instead of giving yourself a demeaning title like "idiot" for something silly you did, laugh and brush it off. Use a sense of humor for all of life's little mishaps. Who knows what the universe had it store for you. Use affirmations such as "I love myself - I'm so wonderful". Look at yourself in the mirror and enjoy and accept your body - send your body love for all that it does for you.
Learn to celebrate and enjoy life instead of judging and grumpily drudging through everything that comes your way. We are meant to be joyful so let’s start by remembering what joy is. How is joy represented in your life? What do you do for fun? For yourself?

3. Be Grateful – for yourself and others. For all that shows up in your life.  For the opportunities, the connections, the friends, the family, the food on your plate, the fact that your car started this morning and that there is sunshine outside. The list is endless. Start from the littlest things you can think of and work yourself up to bigger things in your life.

4. Be Kind to yourself and others. Try to put judgement aside and find moments where you can be helpful, think good thoughts and be a pillar of kindness for someone else. Be kind to yourself as well and minimize negative self talk. It will make you feel better inside and help somebody out. 

5. Take Time for Yourself – make it a point to take time weekly and do something you love and finding some time of peace and quiet for yourself. Daily meditation/quiet time is essential for keeping centered and finding your path as well as for being able to be quiet enough where your intuition can come through. When we are busy, running around all day without stopping for a moment we miss important messages that come through. Once a week book out a time on your calendar, 1 or 2 hours, or the whole day according to your schedule, where you can go do your thing. Walking, fishing, canoeing, swimming; whatever that is that makes you happy. You DESERVE it!

1.    Be Mindful
2.   Love Thyself
3.    Be Grateful
4.   Be kind
5.  Take Time for Yourself

Just 5 little things!

So print those out if it helps, write a small list for yourself, post it on your mirror and remember to live life joyfully. If not now, when?
Much Love,

3 for 2 - Back to School Limited Time Special Package! - Prepare your Immune System and Relieve Stress

Remember to Breathe!!

Look at this photo and picture yourself there. And now read on...

Yep it is time again.

While the sun is still in full swing out here in Colorado, we all know this can turn in a dime and we already have snow up on the mountain roads. Yes, Snow! It's only August you say but if you live in our neck of the woods that is no guarantee ;-)

And if you have kids this can be a very busy time as we once again change our schedule to adapt to the new times, afternoon specials and general running around.

Autumn can also be a time when our immune system can get compromised and stress builds up, as we are running to adapt to the different challenges this season brings.

So, in order to counterbalance life's challenges and be able to live your life pain free and with joy, I am offering a special Fall Package,  for you and your children, to help you find your center, strengthen your mind and body and be ready to face whatever comes your way with a smile on your face. 


Energy Medicine has been proven to help with relieving stress, allowing the body to come back into balance and helping you stay alert and focused for school, work or play.

The Fall Package consists of 3 x 90 min. Vibrational Healing Sessions:
30 mins. coaching followed by 60 mins. of energy work of your choice and it's a 
buy 2 get one FREE deal!

Can't beat that! A free 90 minute session!!
This offer will not come around again!

Package must be purchased by September 15th, and is good till Dec. 2015.
Total cost $240.00 (savings of $120)

Now is the moment to take some time for yourself!


Friday, August 7, 2015

8 - 8 - 8 (August 8, 2015) Ignite your Higher Frequencies

August 8, 2015 finds us high in pursuit of our "I am presence" 

In a very loose translation from a webinar with Patricia Cota-Robles I echo the message:

It is a time when higher frequencies are being activated; the kind that transcend our ego and it's ability to pull us down. In the period of August 15th-20th, the Realms of Cause will be activated which in turn will filter down to the Realms of Effects. This is a time when we prepare ourselves to embrace the light that started coming through the Lion's Gate on July 22nd. This was the opening of the Leo Sun cycle. The Earth, the Sun and the Galactic Core alignment between suns will open the portal and allow the influx of light to pour into the planet. This will be a shift in vibration that takes place at a cellular level, and its crescendo is August 8th.

The number eight is important here. It is a symbol that represents "as above, so below". It connects the heaven & earth, the heart & the mind. On its side it is also the symbol for infinity , which in our higher chakras unites the female and male energies and brings about balance. Not to ignore the fact that this is an 8 year and as such allows for the tremendous influx of light.

Everything is manifesting in divine order. Opening up the compassion gate in ourselves and for others, for animals and for the elemental kingdom offers us more light. It is a time of tremendous compassion, Love and Harmony and this energy is transmuted into love and light. The chalice of love has opened up which in turn opens up the portal for the pouring in of light.
We are in this physical plane to evolve and grow and this is a tremendous opportunity to access higher realms of light.
This Saturday, Stay present, open up your heart and allow Love and Compassion to be transmuted to Light. Allow joy in your heart, spend time in quiet repose, see the beauty around you. This is an opportunity to access more light and hold the space for this earth and this dimension to be bathed in more light than ever.
We all work as one, we all send love, we all radiate light.
Blessings to all beings,

Please join us for this powerful opportunity
to add to the Light of the World.

by Patricia Cota-Robles

On Saturday, August 15, 2015, at 7:00 p.m., Lightworkers from around the World will gather at Lowes Ventana Canyon Resort, 7000 North Resort Drive in Tucson, Arizona, for the Opening Ceremonies of the 29th Annual World Congress on Illumination. During this Activity of Light, we will unify our Hearts with the Company of Heaven. Together we will form a powerful Chalice of Light through which the Light of God will flow during the entire World Congress to assist in elevating the consciousness of the masses of Humanity. The Divine Intent of this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan is to shift the consciousness of the masses of Humanity from separation and duality into the consciousness of Transfiguring Divine Love, Oneness, and Reverence for ALL Life.
Read on...

Trouble Sleeping? Anxiety? Try this simple technique...

Trouble Sleeping? 

Fall Asleep In Under 1 Minute Every Night 

The "4-7-8" breathing technique 

Help me sleep? Diminish my anxiety? Lower high blood pressure?

This method first came to me in a healing book I was reading and then I ran across it again in Dr. Andrew Weil's website, a wellness practitioner who studies meditation, breathing and other techniques to counteract stress. It's a very easy technique and it takes no time to get used to it. It even works wonders when someone is guiding you through it as I use this a lot with my clients in great success. My family has also used it in time of stress, to calm down from a panic attack and to finally fall asleep after you've been laying there with no apparent reason why you cannot fall asleep.

Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold the breath for 7 seconds, and exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds. 
This kind of breathing slows down the heart rate and releases soothing chemicals in the brain that relax the body in no time.

This method is good for falling asleep at night fast and effortlessly, and it is also good for counteracting stress and dealing with anxiety attacks. It seems to calm down the adrenals and allows our system to relax and help us reach a peaceful vibe.  This breathing technique is so effective it even worked on my son's major anxiety attack one day. Just like that - poof! In a few minutes he got so relaxed that afterwards he said he did not even notice that he checked out and his body reached an unprecedented calmness and he almost fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon.

So give it a try tonight and tell me what you think!
You can also check out Dr. Weil's site if you are interested in further reading.


If you have any kind of heart or major health issues do consult your physician before you add this and any new regimen to your repertoire.