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Inspired Health Energy Medicine is a Holistic based wellness hub created out of Joy and Love and with a vision to bring conscious awareness to you through Powerful Energy Medicine & Coaching Sessions, Private Classes & Group Workshops.

Are you stuck? Are you faced with physical illness, emotional turmoil, loss of a loved one, career-related stress and want to grow spiritually? Then these sessions & programs will provide you with the boost you need to successfully move through your life transitions.
Immerse yourself in restorative, healing treatments and educational workshops and get on a path to maintain and increase your well being with consistent support through private sessions, talks, workshops & classes. Unique online and in person programs we help you focus your intentions, reclaim your health, your energy, and your life.
This is a platform to help you move to the next step of evolution and live life with joy, compassion and love as we all learn how to heal ourselves and others.
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Find relief and discover Joy in your Life! Read on...

Class Schedule / Info

Alternative Medicine Workshops & More
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 Learn how to heal yourself, loved ones and pets and get in touch with your intuition. 
Bring balance and vitality into your life.
Is it time for you to tap into your power? Then you are at the right place! Experience the new energy of ascension and find out how you can live a life that is filled with joy and fulfillment.
Enhance your natural intuitive abilities and tap into your power within.  Now is the time to add confidence, self esteem and energy medicine to your tool belt and watch as endless possibilities unfold in your life.


Classes are added throughout the year so check the schedule often to see what is available.  Also remember that classes can be added upon request as long as you have a group of six people or more. 
Please do sign up on my website to receive updates and news, so you will be automatically informed upon classes that are coming up or any change in schedule.  
Location varies per class (Fort Collins, Loveland or Windsor, CO).

Reiki I-IV, Vibrational Medicine Tools, Meditation, Pendulum 101, Crystals, Essential oils, Raindrop Technique, DIY for Home & Health, Kids, Teens & Young Adults groups and more!

Below are details on some available classes: 

Beginning Meditation
Techniques, Benefits & Beginner’s How-to
If you are new to meditation, just starting out or what to get more involved with it this is a great intro class. We will touch upon different types of meditation and you can discover what might work best for you. Not everyone can sit still for long periods of time; but don’t sweat. There are meditations where you get to move around and experience calm and peace from another perspective.  Meditation can be beneficial to lower stress, combat depression, learn how to manage your life if you have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Autism and other challenging health triggers. With meditation we can slow our breathing and deal with anxiety, lower blood pressure and enhance our focus. It can be very helpful in visualizing and reaching goals in life, no matter how far they seem. Meditation is a state of deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent and we will be learning how to achieve those states. We will practice meditation together and share experiences in order to gain perspective.

90 minute class               or  4 week Meditation Course  
Adt'l times will be added throughout the year or by group request.

Crystals 101 - Got one, now what?
Attributes, Characteristics & Beginner’s How-to. 
Tons of information, handout and hands on experience. 
Touch, feel and connect with your favorite crystals. Learn why you are attracted to certain stones and how they can help you. Now you can put those beautiful rocks into use and benefit from their unique vibration.
No previous experience necessary.  90 minutes.  
90 minute class                                    
Adt'l times will be added throughout the year or by group request.

Pendulum 101 - Give Voice to your Intuition!
How do I use it? Connect with your heart and get answers!  Have you always wanted to know what a pendulum is and how to use it? This is you chance to learn about dowsing, experience using a pendulum and understand more about the possibilities of how to use one, with intention, charts and more.
No previous experience necessary.  90 minutes.  
90 minute class         ususally Lunch & Learn  12:00 - 1:30 pm                   
Adt'l times will be added throughout the year or by group request.

Intro to Energy Healing / Work
What is Energy Healing and How does it work?
Have you always wondered what Reiki is? Or how does Healing Touch work? Or even if YOU could be using Energy Healing for yourself and your loved ones. You could even start your own business. Now is the time to tap into your potential and experience the reality that "could be". There is a scientific explanation about Energy Healing; it's not just woo woo stuff. And hospitals around the world even recognize that and employ Energy Practitioners for the benefit of their patients. Even our own local hospital offers Healing Touch. So come see what the fuss is all about and how easy it is to get started on the path of empowerment and self healing.
90 minute class
Adt'l times will be added throughout the year or by group request

Jedi Training for the Soul Explore your Intuition & Discover your power within.
A revolving gathering for like-minded teens and young adults that want to have fun and connect with like-minded people. 
Are you looking for ways to boost your self-esteem, have more ease at school academically and with your peers? Do you struggle with addictions and have a hard time fitting in? Are you looking to expand your consciousness and dive into the vast information matrix, find ways to deal with stress and learn tools to understand the empathic nature of Highly Sensitive People? As a young adult do you feel over stimulated and affected by the crowd around you and are looking to find tools to protect "your space"? Are you overwhelmed by emotions and situations and need to find a calm haven to get away and stay sane?
If this sound at least a bit like you, I invite you to come join our group for teens and young adults where you can be yourself and meet other like-minded people. In my practice I meet so many wonderful and gifted young adults and it is my goal to provide a place where you can come together and freely discuss what is on your mind, learn more about being "different" in this world and why it is ok to be who you are. We will touch on subjects that deal with our power within as well as the vast universe beyond. We will share information and experiences and support each other. Touch on ways to use our creativity, make the right choices and live an inspiring life. Some discussions will include information on Meditation, Mindfulness, Auras, Third Eye, Energy Centers, Being aware of Subtle Energies around you, Space, Black Holes, Quantum Physics and other wild topics that you would like to explore.

Why Jedi Training? Well, simply because for many, the spiritual and ethical message of the Jedi Order from the Star Wars movies resonates with their personal views. To become a Jedi requires a profound commitment and astute mind and in our every day lives we are responsible for our actions and our beliefs. Our set of beliefs and tools determine much of how we live our lives. Just like in the movie this is a place where you can gather information and create your own life code which is based on kindness, acceptance and personal growth. We will touch upon concepts which explore ideals such as rational thought, patience, and benevolence.
  Upon consistent attendance in this group you will receive a beautiful Jedi certificate which will remind you of your "code" and will bestow upon you the Rank of JEDI KNIGHT for the Soul!

It is so exciting to be offering these life changing tools of empowerment and fun so make sure you join our group and let us hear and support your ideas and experiences. Join us and be part of this new generation of young adults that bring inspiring change to our world! If you are under 18 please obtain permission from your guardian to attend this group.

 May the Force Be With You!

2nd Tuesday every month,  6:30pm-8:00pm      Ages 16-24                   Snacks offered

My Healing Touch & Movement Children’s Program 
   –  Temporarily suspended
No time commitment necessary.
  • Is your child wiser than its age? Have trouble focusing at school or not feeling challenged?
  • Does your child have trouble integrating, conforming or being "the same" as other children its age?
  • Has your child been labeled ADD, ADHD or some other word that you know does not describe your child?
  • Do you have trouble with hyperactivity, helping them settle down and calming their brain?
  • Are you looking to find ways to support your child while they grow into the amazing person you know them to be?
In this class Parents & Children spend time together, learning & practicing together to develop easy parenting skills, explore self-empowerment values and navigate life in a successful and joyful way.  I am so excited to be offering these life changing tools of empowerment and learning fun for kids ages 6-12. As a parent and caretaker I am thrilled to provide this powerful knowledge for kids and parents alike to help enhance your lives, aid the parent/kid relationships and help you navigate life together successfully and with joy. 
Learn ways to develop the unique nature of who you are, grow your self esteem, understand your inner self and your relationship to others and the world around  you and explore tools to live a happy life and ways to be happy and safe in your environment. 
This unique group is structured in such a way to allow kids and tweens to be themselves and grow with confidence. The curriculum and the environment that we will be holding for our unique kids comes from the heart space and allows for supportive growth and expansion. We will be learning about our electromagnetic bodies, the energy we carry around and how it affects us and others, we will talk about quiet time (meditation), the aura and it's colors and a lot more to empower the self and raise confident and happy children. Breathing and Calming techniques will be introduced allowing the experience of inner calm and peace.
You and your children are invited to join me as I offer the tools and activities that honor that power within.
Join us the first Tuesday of each month as we hold this energetic class for kids and parents, hosted by Corinna Kromer, CRM/T, HTCP, who teaches the Vibrational Tools for your tool box, (a new one each month), that you can use and build on all month long. Parents bring those tools home and get to practice with the children at home, in the car and school and wherever you are. These tools will help the children learn, expand, and deal with the world inside of them and around them in a whole new way! This is a place to be heard, a place to learn and a place to be accepted as you are for the gifts that you bring to share with the world.
Lets dance, be silly and find our power within and celebrate who our kids are.
Be part of this new generation of kids and parents that bring inspiring change to our world!
If you know of other spirited kids and eternally growing adults that would love our group please pass on the word. We want to grow our family and take over the world with our laughter!
A guide for empowering children and their parents.                                                Ages 6-12     
Every 1st Tuesday, 2015,  5:00 pm - 6:00 pm    
      Temporarily Suspended                    

DIY for Home & Health with Corinna
Would you like to learn how to make your own concoctions, creams, lotions and potions? Join us every third Thursday each month in Fort Collins, CO for a fun workshop of how to prepare your own recipes for Home and Health
These home made natural recipes are great for yourself, gifts for your family and loved ones, as well as great ideas for holiday treats.
Please do pre-register at least a week before each class as I will need to have a count for ordering materials and goods for each class. Cost of each class will cover materials, recipes and sample to take home with you. Each class we will make one or two items according to the time allowed for each recipe.

Some of the things you will learn how to make might include home made Toothpaste and Lip Balm , Natural Makeup and Night Facial Cream, Insect Repellent, Sun Screen, Dishwasher cubes, Dryer Fluff Spheres, Healing Salve, Tinctures, Essential Oil Spritzers, Aromatherapy Blends, Herbal Oils & Vinegars and more wonderful goods.

This is a chance for you to empower yourself and learn how to create your own staples and stay healthy without the addition of chemicals and unnatural ingredients in the products you use for your home and yourself and save money in the process.

Learning how to make these staples at home comes with a load of benefits:
    • Printed recipe to take home and use over and over. 
    • Large recipe quantities ensures you can store some for later and not have to go to the store for a while.   
    • 300% savings in making your own products. For example, store bought organic toothpaste costs $6.00/tube and you get to make it for much less and it will last you a long time.
    • Natural ingredients (helps strengthen your body and your immune system)
    • Fluoride Free  SLS Free (sodium laureth sulfite)    
    • Sulfactant (detergent) Free  
    • Polymer Free, No Polypropylene Glycol  
    • Take home jars/bottles means you'll have some product for a while and you can reuse the jar.
    *Organic (We strive to utilize organic ingredients when possible, and we never use synthetic chemicals or substitutes)
    Ages 14 – Young again!
    90 minute workshop   --- offered during holiday & special seasons or by request       

    Tools for Highly Sensitive People - A guide for easy & carefree living!

    Highly Sensitive or Empathic? Are you feeling stressed and can’t seem to escape? Do you find yourself negatively affected by people and relationships? This will help!

    If you feel like you absorb other peoples energies, if you feel drained when you attend big events or busy places, if you often have headaches or belly aches and you are frequently in pain then chances are you are empathic and you are sensitive to people and situations around you. Join me to learn tools to keep yourself healthy, full of energy and happy as your travel the path of life. 
    Learn ways to prepare your day and create what you want in your life. Presentation of Information, Exploration of techniques and Practice included.
    No prerequisites.  120 minutes each.  2 consecutive Saturdays
    2 consecutive weeks 10:00 am-12:00 pm                    
    Energy exchange  $45 ea. or 2/$85 
    Adt'l times will be added throughout the year or by group request.

    Essential Oils and Spritzers

    Experience Essential Oils and Make your Own Spritzer. 
    Learn about the qualities of different essential oils, how they are beneficial to your health and body and have fun creating your own recipe and taking home a spritzer for future use. Essential oils are a natural way of treating aches, pains and dis-eases of the body. Simple remedies for your personal care can save you money and help you feel better naturally. I use essential oils in my lotions and potions, for health issues, to clean my home and to enjoy their aroma in my office. 
    Add a few oils to your life and enjoy their healthy benefits.
    90 minute class                          {includes spritzer}
    Adt'l times will be added throughout the year or by group request. 


    There are four levels to completion of the Reiki Program. Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced Reiki and Reiki Master/Teacher. In each level the practitioner is taught a number of techniques and symbols to use and is attuned to the healing energies of each level. Each level comes with a notebook and certificate and is a standalone workshop. Each level has a prerequisite of the previous level, except for Level I. Level I is an introduction to energy work, and is recommended for learning how to work on one’s self, family and friends. Level II and up goes more into details and advanced techniques and can be used in a professional setting.

    Reiki Share - Free**

    Reiki Share events are offered monthly throughout the year to facilitate practice and experience for our Reiki class students. Great if you are interested in getting practice time in for class requirements, have questions for me or want to experience a session. Also a good time to get on the table and be worked on. Opening & closing meditation and mini exchange sessions for two hours.

    90 minute session                                 Energy exchange - FREE

    Reiki Level I
    History, Techniques, Benefits & Self Practice
    There are no prerequisites to taking Reiki Level I. The workshops are open to all lay people interested in learning about energy medicine and supporting their own and their family's healing journey. The Reiki program is open to all groups of people, including health professionals, therapists, Spiritual Counselors, and anyone who would like to understand more about the energetic healing modalities and how the body works when in balance.
    Attunement, Manual & Certification included
    Typically runs on Sundays, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm      Adt'l times will be added throughout the year or by group request.

    Reiki Level II  
    More Techniques - Start your own Practice
    Level II is for students who have completed Reiki Level I, and want to dive deeper into energy medicine. It is also a great class to enhance your professional business and continue on the road to success with more Reiki tools and techniques. Learn to deal with mental/emotional causes and how to send long distance healing. More symbols and techniques. Brief exploration of Crystals and their qualities.               
    Typically runs on Sundays, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm     
    Adt'l times will be added throughout the year or by group request.

    Reiki Level III
    This is your path 
    Level III is for students who have completed Reiki Level
    II and know that this is their lives’ path. Learn advanced techniques to help remove energetic blockages, allowing
    your clients to find health and joy.  A great class to keep building on your business and learn how to earn money
    while bringing balance and vitality into your life. Explore the Master Level Symbols and Techniques. More in depth instruction on Crystals, Crystal Grids and their qualities. Attunement, Manual & Certification included.
    Typically runs on Sundays, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm     
    Adt'l times will be added throughout the year or by group request.

    Reiki Level IV   
    Master / Teacher Level 
    Reiki IV is for those who have a passion about Energy Medicine and are excited to pass this information on to others. Become a Reiki Master/Teacher and pass on the knowledge. 
    This attunement is teacher specific and will enlighten you in the ways of the Master. Highest  Level Symbols & techniques will be presented. Connect with your spirit guide and receive an energetic healing.
    Typically runs on Sundays, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm     
    Adt'l times will be added throughout the year or by group request.
    Top of Form
    Bottom of Form

    Raindrop Technique 
    Techniques, Benefits & Beginner’s How-to 
    Per request. Please inquire to set up date. 4 students minimum.
    9:30 am - 1:30 pm depending on class attendance
    Adt'l times will be added throughout the year or by group request

    Online scheduling

    Instructor: Corinna Kromer CRM/T, IARP, HTCP
    Corinna is a Health Awareness Coach, a Healing Touch Practitioner and a Certified Usui Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher. Corinna has been practicing Energy Medicine for over 15 years, combining several alternative medicines and modalities such as Spiritual Coaching, Vibrational Medicine, Healing Touch, Reiki, Color Therapy, Crystals and Essential Oils in order to offer a customized session to serve the unique needs of each client. Her clients include kids, adults and animals and she has a soft spot for teens and practitioners. She makes house calls for pre & post surgery clients and she also offers long distance sessions. Corinna can help you experience vitality and joy in life through regular coaching and energy work sessions. She regularly holds classes and has a private practice in Fort Collins, CO.

      More Info
      • Most day long classes run from 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.  unless otherwise stated     
      • Reiki levels I-III come with  30 days continued support & Mentoring
      • Reiki level IV comes with 180 days of continuing support & mentoring
      • Regularly held Free Reiki Share nights for practice and Q&A's. 
      • Repeat students welcome for a discounted fee!
      • Local Checks, Cash or C. Card accepted.   Creative Financing available!   
      • $50.00 non-refundable deposit for materials ordered.

      - You may sign up and pay for the classes online. And you may also pay by check or cash. Just print out the registration form and mail with your payment. The registration form is under "Class Registration" on the right.
      - If you have a group of minimum 4 people I would be happy to arrange an alternate class day for you that works better for your schedule. Do not hesitate to email me with any questions or requests.
      - Some class sizes are limited, so make sure to reserve your spot way in advance.

      I look forward to having fun with you and expanding into our universal consciousness.



      Class Refund Policy
      Class cancellations made prior to two weeks (14 days) before the scheduled class date will receive a full refund within 14 days of the cancellation.
      Cancellations made within the two week (14 day) period immediately preceding the scheduled class date, the registrant has a choice between the following options:

      • Transfer the full tuition to another one of Corinna’s scheduled class. Rescheduled class must be within one year of the cancellation date.
      • Receive a refund of the full tuition less 20% administrative charge.

      Cancellations received after the class starting date will be subject to forfeit.
      If payment was made via credit card, the refund will be in the form of a credit to the card used when the tuition was paid, less 8% to cover the credit card processing fees. If the tuition was paid by check, Corinna Kromer will issue a check and mail to the registrant within 14 days of the cancellation request. All cancellations need to be in writing, contain the registrant's name, address, phone, email, class dates and location. Cancellations should be emailed to

      Extenuating circumstances, such as a death in the family, visit to the emergency room, etc. must be submitted in writing. Please email
      All refunds in extenuating circumstances must be approved by Corinna Kromer.


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