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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Autumn Blessings

Can you believe autumn is already here? Take a moment to look at the beauty of nature around you; have you noticed the incredible fall palette? The gold and brown, auburn and copper colors that nature is putting on display in an effort to impress us and make us smile? Take the time now to enjoy our beautiful world as we leave behind the summer days and go forth in our quiet space for renewal and rejuvenation. Now is the time to enjoy some quiet moments and take care of yourself. When was the last time you did something for you? Come in for a session and basque in relaxation, rejuvenation and take care of that pain that has been bothering you for so long. Let yourself sink into the table and enjoy an hour of interrupted quiet, while being guided into a relaxing visualization to renew your body, mind and spirit.
For the month of October, receive 1 1/2 hour session for the price of 1 hour.
I look forward to seeing you.
Abundant Autumn Blessings,

Raindrop Therapy Technique

Raindrop Therapy Technique

Raindrop Therapy Technique, is an essential oils relaxation (non-invasive, non-deep muscle) back massage.  It integrates Vita Flex and several other massage techniques using essential oils and combined with relaxing applications of warm towels.  Essential oils have many proven therapeutic qualities and help stimulate the nerves and the re-growth of tissue. The essential oils are dispensed like little drops of rain from a height of about six inches above the back and massaged along the vertebrae.  Although the entire process takes about 1 hour to complete, the oils will continue to work in the body for 5 to 7 days bringing balance and harmony to the body physically, mentally and emotionally.

The technique is designed to bring the body back into structural and electrical alignment. Often many types of spinal problems and misalignments are caused by toxins that lie dormant within the spine. In Raindrop, the use of specific essential oils detoxes the body and helps to alleviate the viruses within the spine, hence allowing its structure to return to normal over time. It is also a great technique to fight off viruses and bacteria and give our immune system a boost especially during flu and cold seasons. It is used to help realign the spine, reduce stress and relieve back pain and tension.

Essential oils are created from plants and carry in them the specific vibrational qualities of each plant/flower. When applied to the body, the oils are absorbed through our skin and then our blood system. These therapeutic grade oils are helpful in fighting bacteria and viruses that might be present in our body and help boost our immune system.

For people with sensitive skin the oils may cause some reddening or excessive warming of the skin, but this can be relieved quickly by the application of a carrier oil. If you have any back or neck injuries, please make sure to relay the information to your practitioner as they may need to adjust the session to your benefit.

During a raindrop application, the client changes into their undergarments and lies on a massage table under comfortable warm covers. The practitioner first aligns with the client’s vibrational field, applies the first oil, and holds their feet while allowing the clients energy system to come into balance. The client then lies on their stomach in preparation for the massage application of the remaining oils on and around the spine. The technique uses a total of nine oils, including two blends. The oils used are Oregano (fights viruses), Thyme (anti-viral), Birch (bone repair), Basil (muscle relaxant), Peppermint (topical analgesic), Valor (spinal alignment & muscle rehabilitation), and Marjoram (anti-spasmodic). Each oil application is followed by a light massage to allow the oils to be further absorbed. A warm wet towel application follows, letting the back rest and allowing the therapeutic process to continue for several minutes. Meanwhile, some of the oils are applied on the inside of the legs, from the knees down and on the soles of the feet, using the Vita Flex technique.  This technique involves a rolling and releasing motion of the fingertips to gently massage the reflex points on the legs and feet. The reflex points thus release an electrical charge through the body that travels throughout the nerves pathways clearing blockages caused by toxins.

Raindrop Massage Therapy is not a cure-all or a magic bullet.  A healthy body is the result of a well-rounded program of exercise and proper diet.  Health is everything we do, say, hear, see, and eat. 

The Raindrop technique is only one tool to help restore a balance in the body that will result in good health.

Corinna P. Kromer CRMT, HTCP
Health Awareness Coach
Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner
Ph. (970) 310-9444

Reiki II Workshop


Level II

110 West Harvard Str. Ste 2
Ft. Collins, CO 80525

 October 9th, 2011
9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Corinna Kromer CRMT, HTCP
Health Awareness Coach
Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner
Ph. (970) 310-9444

Who can learn Reiki

There are no prerequisites to learning Reiki Level 1. The workshops are open to all lay people interested in learning about energy medicine and supporting their clients healing journey. The Reiki program is open to all groups of people, including health professionals, therapists, Reverents, and all those who would like to understand more about the energetic healing modalities and how the body works when in balance.

Description of Reiki Workshops

There are four levels to completion of the Reiki Program. Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced Reiki and Reiki Master/Teacher. In each level the practitioner is taught a number of techniques and symbols to use and is attuned to the healing energies of each level. Each level comes with a notebook and certificate and is a standalone workshop. Each level has a prerequisite of the previous level, except for Level I. Level I is an introduction to energy work, and is recommended for learning how to work on one’s self, family and friends. Level II and up goes more into details and advanced techniques and can be used in a professional setting.

Level II Description

Level II is for students who have completed Reiki Level I, and want to dive deeper int energy medicine. It is also a great class to enhance your professional business and continue on the road to success with more Reiki tools and techniques. Learn to deal with mental/emotional causes and how o send long distance healing. Guided Meditations, Discussion, Attunement, Demo & Hands on Learning included.

More symbols and techniques. Brief exploration of Crystals and their qualities. Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of class.

The participant will learn & share the following:

Ø  Share the experience of practicing Level I symbols and techniques.

Ø   Review information about Chakras.

Ø  Explore the Aura and its systems.

Ø  Be introduced and practice level II symbols.

Ø  Be introduced to Crystals and their functions.

Ø  Explore Reiki logistics (how to chart your sessions).

Ø  Demonstrate a healing sequence on each other.

Level 2 Course Content

Ø  Introduction and Meditation

Ø  Sharing experiences of practicing Level I techniques

Ø  Exploration of Chakras, Aura.

Ø  Level II symbols and techniques.

Ø  Exploration of Crystals.

Ø  Reiki Logistics (business support).

Ø  Attunement.

Ø  Practice Healing techniques: A Healing Sequence following the Reiki positions learned in Level I, using Level I & II symbols to enhance the session.

Workshop Information

October 9th,  2011,  9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Location: AKCR, 110 West Harvard Str., Ste 2,  Fort Collins, CO
Instructor:  Corinna Kromer, CRM/T, HTCP
(970) 310-9444

Registration Form
Reiki II


110 West Harvard Str. Ste 2

Ft. Collins, CO 80525

Class Date October 9th, 2011

Name: ____________________________________

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City: ______________________________________

State: __________________  Zip: ______________

Home Phone: ______________________________

Work Phone: ______________________________

E-Mail: __________________________________

            Please check one of the following:                    

r Regular Tuition - $250

r Student - $200 (w/ copy of schedule)

r Repeat - $200

Note: Price of Course Manual is included

$                      Total Amount Enclosed

Minimum deposit of $50.00 required upon registration.

Call  970 310-9444 for creative financing help.

Register Early! 

Enrollment open to 9 students!

Can you bring a massage table? r Yes rNo

Make checks payable to: Corinna Kromer

Send to:
Corinna Kromer CRM/T, HTCP
110 West Harvard St., Ste2,
Fort Collins, CO 80525