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Monday, June 15, 2015

How to change your REALITY - Do you feel the lightness in your heart?

Our lives can easily become busy and hectic and in the midst of it all we forget to enjoy the small pleasures that are available to us. Perhaps all is not as we would wish it but what are you doing about changing that?
Have you noticed that our thoughts, feelings and the words we use on a daily basis affect our outer reality? What we radiate from within creates the reality that we experience on an every day basis. When we carry fear in our heart we will be faced with fear in our life. When we carry anger we tend to be surrounded with angry people that radiate this feeling back to us. When we nurture love in our heart we will create a life surrounded with loving people and loving situations.
The state of our inner consciousness is powerful and radiates outward to create the macrocosm of our microcosm.
It would only follow then, that we would want to strive to hold love, kindness, joy and laughter in our heart in order to experience more of those in our life. And when we cradle such emotions and feelings inside our heart feels light as a feather. The seeming problems in our lives dissolve and take care of themselves in a magical way. We become one with the flow of creation and learn to allow the river of life to carry us in its flow instead of trying to swim upstream.
So I challenge you today to think of some joyful feelings that you can tap into and see what positive changes you can bring into your life.
Let go of stress. Let go of the things in life you have no control over. Instead take control of your emotions. Turn fear into love. Hatred into acceptance. Panic into confidence. Have faith that by doing so your reality will start adapting to the new parameters you are setting up for yourself. Take your time with it. Nothing happens overnight. But keep reminding yourself every time you have a heavy feeling to try and turn it around. Use words that are light and joyful. Instead of saying "I hate this" try "I much prefer..." or instead of saying "NO" how can you change the situation around to affirm "YES" in your life?

Remember: what you feel and what you emit will manifest in your outer world.
What is the life you would like to experience today? Do you feel the lightness in your heart?

In love and light, 

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