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Monday, August 24, 2015

Are you living your life like an emergency? How Stress Affects your Body

     A lot of people ask me why Energy Medicine and Vibrational Healing is beneficial for them. What will I get out of a Reiki or Healing Touch session? How does color therapy or coaching help me feel better and allow me to enjoy my life?
The answer is simple:

          Vibrational Healing provides you with much needed time to relax and receive.

When our bodies are relaxed they revert to their original programming where everything runs properly just the way that it should. It's like a reset button, a time for the body to be quiet, resume natural full breathing and allow itself to remember what it needs to be doing in order to stay healthy.
     The problem is, most of us are always running to catch up. From one appointment to the next, chore after chore and maybe I can also fit this little thing in here. We forget to breathe; we eat on the fly and have trouble digesting our food (if we would only give it enough time to do so). And well is it any wonder that we reach the end of the day exhausted and drained. Add a few months or years of this behavior and our body starts complaining by manifesting aches and pains and dis-eases. And if we choose to ignore the flashing indicator lights because we don't have time or the budget to deal with things, the symptoms only get worse and we might end up with a very time consuming and more costly problem in our hands. On the flip side,

      A regularly scheduled hour or more of relaxation can help your body resume and retain its natural rhythms.

     When you come in for a session, you lay fully clothed on a comfortable warm massage table with cozy covers, you listen to soft music, perhaps lay a lavender scented eye pillow on your eyes and listen to my guided visualization which puts your mind and body in a calm and serene space where you can relax and enjoy this time for yourself.
     And while you find yourself in that relaxing space using energy medicine techniques your chakras and energy field are balanced and cleared of any toxins and stale energy. We may use crystals to help rejuvenate and clear some areas, reflexology and essential oils to engage the sense of smell and help the body and mind awaken and balance and maybe even some Aura Soma to help you hone in on your life's path. When you remove energetic impurities from the biofield your body and your immune system get stronger and are able to face stress better. The mind is clearer and navigates through life easier. And you feel stronger, more able to deal with life and find your sense of joy again. After a session you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle life. Through regular coaching we are also able to pinpoint the things in life that keep evading you and how to pull them into your reality.
     There's no woo woo here. It has been scientifically proven that when the body is relaxed for regular periods of time it tends to rejuvenate itself and resume its healthy state. When we support the body's energy field we activate it's capacity to self heal. Follow the process with me:
  • Vibrational Healing sessions starts the relaxation process in the body
  • As a result of relaxation endorphins are released in the brain
  • Endorphins send a message to the brain to relax the muscles 
  • The mind let's go of the daily routine and allows the body to relax 
  • As the muscles relax more space between cells is created which begins increased circulation
  • Enhanced blood flow elevates oxygen levels throughout the body
  • Better flow allows for better nutrient absorption
  • Digestion is enhanced as enzymes built up
  • Hormones start regulating
  • Toxins are released from the body
  • New healthy cells are produced and regenerated.
  • The mind relaxes and the body feels good which allows for healing to start taking place
  • Once the body reaches a calm, relaxed state, the immune system is also regulated. As a result the body is strong, the mind is clear and our spirits are lifted.
More and more research is showing that the body needs down time to work efficiently. Eliciting the relaxation Response is a way of keeping yourself in check. Practicing the 4-7-8 breathing technique (posted on my site) is another way of keeping your system relaxed between appointments. Check out this Harvard Medical report that talks about relaxation. 

Are you ready to start releasing stress from your life?
Are you ready to live life with joy and ease?

Book a session today and be on your way to a healthier and more joyful YOU!

     Below is a chart to help you see and pinpoint how stress may affect your body at a glance. Stress can affect our bodies in many ways and a little down time and guidance can help a lot.
     Of course I don't have to tell you that if you have severe or persistent symptoms you should always check with your doctor.

     I look forward to talking with you and finding ways to resume your health together.
     Wishing you a blessed and joyful day!


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