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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ready to manifest?

Are you excited? Spring is here!

At least in our neck of the woods. The daffodils and crocuses are showing up, the tree buds are starting to grow and the grass is slowly turning green again. Nature has on its spring colors, the sun is gracing us with warm rays and the sky is wearing its beautiful blue again.
Speaking of spring, This Sunday, March 13th, is Daylight Saving Time – Spring Forward – so remember to set your clocks forward an hour.
Spring is the time of rejuvenation and renewal. Our systems have been in slumber for the winter months, and are slowly awakening to new possibilities and realities. And with the help of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse that we just had, we are supported in setting new intentions, and focusing on what we would like to make manifest.
On that note, check out the information below is on some of the most common crystals that with their underlying characteristics and vibrations may help us in achieving our goals. The power of crystals lies in their ability to amplify the energy behind our desires. They are believed to help align our vibration with our intentions. Crystal energy and the various types of crystals can be seen as important tools to help us to quickly manifest desires of all kinds.

Manifestation Quartz - This crystal is recognized by a crystal within a crystal and they are  Manifestation crystals occur when a quartz crystal is totally enclosed by a larger quartz crystal. It is the rarest shaman stone / metaphysical crystal and is believed to have the purest vibration of any quartz crystal. As the name implies, it is used to manifest a new reality. Do note that we must clear any feelings of ambivalence and inner turmoil prior to using this crystal in order to manifest our true desire. These crystals can also used to facilitate creativity, may be used for healing and meditation, and is said to bring ultimate mental clarity.

Rose Quartz – This crystal is associated with the heart and its ruling power is emotions. Great for manifesting love, creating gentle healing energy and opening the heart chakra to receive love. It is also good for cleansing the lymphatic system and removing toxins from the body. If you are ready to venture to new levels of love and compassion, rose quartz is a great stone.

Amethyst – Often associated with the third eye, it works with the aspect of our higher self. Aids us in expanding consciousness, identifying and strengthening intention, strengthening psychic ability, opening us to receive inner guidance and helping us to manifest desires by illuminating the path towards our highest goals. The crystal energy of amethyst can help us to dissolve creative blocks, connect to the wisdom of spirit within and aids us in life after death communication.

Agate – agate are often used to provide protection, strength and harmony. They come in various colors and each color is subtly different in the support it provides. Agate increases energy and enhances longevity. Use agate when you intend to manifest desires for the continuation of a positive experience. Agate is also associated with courage, self-confidence, grounding positive emotion.

Carnelian – An uplifting stone, you can use it to banish sorrow and uplift emotions. Carnelian helps to propel one forward to take initiative towards manifesting desires. Helps to balance creativity and self confidence and may enhance our ability to love the “self”.
Citrine – Great for springtime, this crystal helps to eliminate body toxins. If you are planning on going on a spring cleanse keep this crystal close by. It clears away negative energy of the aura and physical body and transmutes negative energy to positive energy. Use citrine when desiring manifestations for all types of abundance. Citrine enhances self-esteem, instills confidence and provides an energy of warmth and abundance.
Garnet - is the stone of health. It can be used balance the thyroid and to adjust energetic flow within the body. If you are looking to manifest support for commitment to self and others this is a great stone. Garnet is a great harmonizer of energies between ourselves and others.

Such beautiful colors, intriguing shapes and inviting energies. How can you say no to adding some of these gems to your collection? 

Happy Spring and Happy Manifesting!

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