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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Chakras, Aura & Biofield - What are they and how do they work?


 Chakra (which in Sanskrit is spelled Cakra, the "c" being pronounced as a "ch") is a Sanskrit term which means spinning wheel or vortex. Today, the modern usage of the word is "Wheel of Light," although originally it was used to refer to a chariot wheel. Chakras are energy vortexes in our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. For the sake of this introductory article we will mostly focus on the central seven chakras.
A Chakra is the interface point between the physical and non-physical form. The seven main chakras lie along a linear pathway (along the spine) from the Crown Chakra, located at the top of the cranium, to the Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine. There are over 72 Chakras on the body of which 22 work with our inner self, including the 7 primary Chakras with colors representing the 7 Rays.  Activation and balance of energy flow in Chakras allow the body system to be at optimal with the higher self. 
The seven core chakras are Root/Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye/Brow, and Crown as laid out in the chart above. They function as pathways for energy that flows through subtle channels in the spine and govern the endocrine system through the etheric body.
            Chakras are like vortexes, spinning with a certain speed/vibrational sound, width and color brilliance. Balanced chakras spin at a similar rate and are similar in size and brilliance. Every part of our body vibrates at a specific sound frequency. Each of the seven Chakras has a specific sound associated with it. Colors also vibrate at a specific frequency. And each Chakra has a color associated with it. That is why with the use of color and sound therapy we can return balance to our Chakras causing restored health.
The lower three chakras correspond to physical realms, our life on earth and our mental emotional state. The heart (middle), is the purification and connection between the lower and the higher chakras. It is our mediator and processing center. The upper three chakras correspond to the spiritual realm, connection to higher self and messages from above. The higher chakras spin at a higher frequency than the lower ones. There is a direct relationship between each individual chakra center and each is co-dependent of the other. The chakras are the interface points, the energetic organs linking various aspects of the physical body to its ethereal counterparts.
Each Chakra acts as an antenna and a transformer within the body. Its purpose is to bring into the system a higher frequency of vibration allowing for release of excess energy and blockages as well as detoxification of negative energies. There are seven endocrine glands, each with a vibration and color, and one is assigned to each of the seven primary Chakras.
Each color expresses a range of frequencies that fall within specific wavelengths of radiant information. The colors of the visible light system are just above Infrared and below Ultraviolet. The Chakras are specifically designed to act as a tuning antenna, aligned with a note on the scale of seven. They intercept specific wavelengths of energy/color, containing radiant information and bring that information down into the physical density of the body structure to utilize.
Through everyday stress, aging, illness, and absorption of negativity in our lives, the Chakras slow their rate of spinning and become heavy with low vibration debris. We are able to affect and cleanse our centers through mantras and meditation techniques. This way we are able to maintain the vitality and spin-rate of the chakras. A chakra balancing meditation practice is recommended daily to start your day out right.
Opening and activating your chakras allows your Kundalini energy to flow up from the root and through the subtle channels to your crown and rejuvenate your body as it passes through the seven main chakras. Once your channels are open, balancing the chakras will allow the energies to fully open up and charge your system. Flow is essential to health and keeping your system open allows vital life force energy to circulate and keep you vibrant and healthy.

Meditation to Cleanse and Balance your Chakras (by Doreen Virtue)
Select a quiet and comfortable place where you will not be interrupted. Get comfortable. Lying down is fine if you know you will not fall asleep. Keep arms uncrossed so that energy can flow freely through your body. Loosen or take off any binding clothing.
Close your eyes. Inhale deeply and slowly through your nose. Allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of taking in fresh air until it completely fills your lungs. Hold the breath for four seconds longer. Slowly exhale through your mouth. Feel the release of all worries, concerns, or tension as you let the air out.
Once you are relaxed, visualize or feel a round and transparent ball, colored in a beautiful shade of ruby red, floating inside your body near the base of your spine. This is your “root chakra”, the center of your strength and individuality. Mentally look at or sense the ball. Notice if it has any areas of darkness. These are energy imbalances, and you can immediately wash them away by simply intending the ball to be perfectly clean. Hold the image of your beautifully transparent ruby red ball in your mind, and see it illuminated from the inside with powerful, pure white light. This is the universal light of God, of all power, love and knowing.
Inhale deeply through your nose, and watch or feel how your breath increases the intensity of the white light inside the red sphere. Continue breathing in and out deeply to fan the intensity of the white light inside the red ball, until it is perfectly clean and transparent.
Next, move your attention upward about three inches until you see or feel a beautiful orange glass ball floating within you. This is your “sacral chakra”, the regulator of your physical desires. Scan the ball for any areas of darkness. Breathe in deeply to fan the white light within the chakra’s core to wash away all darkness instantly until the ball is perfectly transparent, like orange glass.
Now, concentrate on the area immediately behind your navel. See or sense a beautiful clear yellow ball within you, shining like a little sun. This is your “solar plexus chakra”, the area affected by your beliefs concerning power and control. Check to see if there are any opaque or dark areas on your solar plexus. If there are, breathe in deeply until the chakra becomes a brilliant light yellow color and is perfectly transparent, like a sparkling ball of yellow glass.
Then, move your attention to your heart region. Visualize or feel a gorgeous green glass ball in your chest. This is your “heart chakra”, the center of your loving energy. Scan the heart chakra for any shades of darkness, and then deeply breathe them away with white light. Fully illuminate the heart chakra from within and feel it expand in your chest with warmth and good energy. Keep breathing until the green ball is perfectly transparent and spotless.
Next, concentrate on your throat in the Adam’s apple area. See or feel a ball in a beautiful shade of light blue. This is your “throat chakra”, the center regulating the clarity of all your communications. Mentally scan the throat chakra, looking for of feeling for dark areas. Take a deep breath and watch it ignite into a white ball of light in the chakra’s center. Illuminate the chakra from the inside, making the light grow brighter and brighter until the white rays completely cleanse the blue ball. See and feel the ball as perfectly transparent, with no spots or dark areas.
Then, move your attention to the area between your two eyes. Without forcing yourself in any way, gently notice a round or oval ball between your two eyes. This your “third eye chakra”. Allow the image of the chakra to become clearer and clearer. Notice its coloring as shades of dark blue mix with some purple and white. As the image becomes clearer, you may notice that you are looking at an eyelid. If you don’t see an oval or an eye-shaped object, then breathe deeply and keep cleaning the chakra with white light until the image becomes clear. Once you get a glimpse of the third eye, notice whether it is open or shut. If it is shut, ask it to open and make eye contact with you. Allow the third eye to communicate any loving messages it may have for you.
When you are ready, place your attention on the inside of the top of your head. This is your “crown chakra”, the area that gives you access to universal wisdom. Feel or see this chakra as a deep violet or purple glass ball. Using your deepest breathing, clean the crown chakra with white light until it is pristine.
Continue to breathe in and out deeply and give thanks to your Divine Creator for filling you with love and wisdom. Surround yourself with a layer of white light, followed by a second layer of green light, and followed by a third layer of violet light. This triple seal of light will help you to stay centered during your day.
Now, slowly bring your awareness back to the room you are in, allowing your body to reintroduce movement slowly by wiggling your toes and fingers. Slowly open your eyes and breathe in.



 An aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object which relates in consciousness and awareness. Also called the Biofield by scientist it hold vital information of who we are, how we react, what we energetically receive from others and emits the general health of our system. The Aura is comprised of individual and interrelated bodies of consciousness and layers of Etheric energy. The four main subtle bodies of consciousness that define your personality, your perception, your direction in life, and your soul's expression are known as:
  1. The Causal or Spiritual Body
  2. The Mental Body
  3. The Emotional Body
  4. The Etheric Body
         There are seven immediate layers on the human aura, each with its own texture and color and they are intimately connected to the Chakra System.
These auric layers are not segregated  but each layer interpenetrates and affects the others as it communicates with its surroundings. The vibration of each level becomes finer and higher as we go from the inside out and each layer is related to the chakra of the same number/color. Stress, trauma and emotional pain can show as distortions and blocks in the aura long before they manifest as dis-ease in the physical plane.

The Seven Auric Layers are:
  1. Etheric Layer, 
  2. Emotional Layer
  3. Mental Layer
  4. Astral Layer
  5. Etheric Template
  6. Celestial Layer
  7. Ketheric Template 

Auras vibrate to different color, sound and light frequencies. The color spectrum varies according to one's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual vibration and there can be more than one color present at a time. Aura energies are linked to colors, the chakra system, and sound/musical notes, as they all resonate to the same kind of frequency. Sound, light and color are all interconnected at source.  Auras can extend out a few inches to a few feet or more. We can control the distance our aura extends by intention and may choose to do so to protect ourselves from harm or to send out healing/prayers. You aura can easily be affected by negative emotions and psychic pollution, arguments, trauma, fights; EMF (electro-magnetic field from TV and computer screen) can also affect your aura in a negative way. A powerful aura radiates health, happiness, charisma, and energy. 

One can physically see and sense an Aura. Try this: stand by a white wall and extend your arm up for at least 10 seconds. When you move away you will see a luminescent outline of your body still on the wall. Daylight is often the best light as the sun's rays are full spectrum.

Our auras are affected by electromagnetic fields so we are in a constant flux. As everything that is in our reality is created from electromagnetic energy, everything has an aura - plants, animals, etc.
During Energy Medicine sessions we strive to bring balance to our client’s electromagnetic field.  Gently noticing we learn to see and observe a client's bodies as they are laying on the table and may “feel” any dips or bumps in their aura. Those spots represent energy blockages/imbalances, and we ten to focus energy there or scoop energy away until we feel the field is clear and flowing again. A chakra balancing meditation is a good way to clean your aura by visualizing an extra layer of white light around each chakra as you clean its vibration.

Seeing the Aura
The following is a very basic exercise to help you see this field of energy. Partner up with another person and practice on each other.
Have your friend sit in a chair with their back against a white wall.
Place a small sticky dot or piece of paper in the middle of their forehead.
Sit about four feet away. Place your hands up in front of your face, and hold your fingers as if you were framing a picture with thumbs pointing inward and your index finger pointing up (Like two "L's" pointing inward).
Loosely focus on the dot on your friend's forehead.
While you are doing this, move your hands apart slowly, further and further apart, keeping a loose focus on the dot, and allowing your peripheral vision to follow your hands.
If you keep trying this exercise you will soon see a thin layer of light around your friend's head! If you try several times you may even see color. Keep at it! Sooner or later you will become sensitive to seeing auras.

TEN interesting tips to improve Aura Vision
  • Auras must be viewed with the "inner/third eye"
  • Do not try to see an aura by staring. Rather relax your eyes and allow them get out of focus
  • Use gentle control to stay focused on the third eye area maintaining the higher focus
  • Don't force yourself or over concentrate
  • Look for subtle color impressions rather than solid or vivid colors
  • Try comparing friends and their auras
  • A person’s aura depends on their state of relaxation, get your subject to breathe in and out deeply and see the difference
  • Regular practice improves aura vision
  • Don't try to hard or for too long – take a break and try again later.

Clearing your Aura - Use the following meditation to clear and cleanse whenever required
Sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for 10 to 15 minutes. Sit up right with your back straight on a chair or on the floor. Close your eyes and take in 3 deep breaths.
As you breathe in through your nose, imagine the positive white light of the universe, the Creator, entering your lungs and energizing your physical body.  As you exhale say to yourself  "I release all stress and negative emotions to the universe, where they can be dissipated and no longer do harm to anyone" and imagine all your stress, anxiety and negativity leave your body in a grey smoke through your mouth dissipating into the universe.
As you take in the final breath, imagine the new energy filling your lungs with a large ball of pure protective white light. Returning to normal breathing, imagine the white ball of light beginning to grow as it mixes with your own energy. As the ball becomes larger, the positive light pushes through your organs, tissue and muscles, forcing any leftover stress out of your body and into the universe to be dispersed. Feel the energy pushing up through your chest, neck and head and then feel the energy pushing downward, through your belly, hips, legs and feet. Allow the light to energize your body and clear your aura, stay like this for 10 - 15 minutes.
Thank the Creator and your guide or guides for their assistance. Slowly come back to the room and open your eyes.


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