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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sound, Texting and Mindfulness - OMG!

Part 2 of Mindfulness

Sound, Texting & Mindfulness OMG!

Code deciphering at the end of the article ;-)
LOL!  You might have totally related to this title at first glance or it took you a while to process the acronym. But this seems to be the language a lot of us are speaking nowadays, especially our kids. Are we really in such a hurry that we do not have time to fully spell our sentences? In my last post I spoke about mindfulness. Mindfulness in breathing, eating and being, but what about the way we speak and write? Do you KWIM?  I can occasionally be found guilty of such behavior as my life revolves around my teen kids. We LOL & ROFL all the time without even thinking. And do you sometimes get those messages that are impossible to decipher? What on earth does WDUM mean? Apparently: What Do You Mean?! This one had me thinking for a while. And you don’t always want to look so ignorant and ask for clarification ‘-)   NVM my daughter would say and give me the full version of the word thinking this will be faster than trying to explain. I feel the need to keep myself informed as I want to be relevant and stay “connected” with my kids and their friends but this can take real effort some time as the condensed vocabulary expands in usage, LOL. And more than that it does make me wonder what effects it has to our physical and energetic health!

There is an implication here that I want to share with you and you decide if it is important to you. Many of you might know that I was born and raised in Greece and during the years we were schooled we were exposed to Ancient Greek, Old Greek, Modern Greek, Latin and either French or English as a second language. By the time I graduated from high school however, students were only learning Modern Greek and a foreign language. From elementary to high school I got to experience the older Greek language versions in depth by reading and translating old texts of Aristotle, Sophocles, Plato, and other ancient Greek philosophers and scholars.  Through these lengthy classes we were informed of the significance of long and short vowels, double consonants and sounds in general that make up our language. It was painful getting through those translations back then but little did I know I would have a profound understanding of the concept in my adult life. The Greek language has changed over the centuries and has become less empowering as we now communicate only through Modern Greek. As children we were instructed in the importance of how things are pronounced and how the voice travels because this was part of our heritage and our strong cultural existence. An important note here, is that in modern Greek, there are no accents anymore, to signify short or long vowels and the depth of sound needed to communicate a message not only in words but also energetically.

WDUM, you say and what does that have to do with anything? Well here is how I relate sounds and languages to the health of our body and mind. My thirst for knowledge has me continuously reading and learning more about the body, its biofield, and its energetic blueprint. In many articles and books I have read, I have come across sound healing practices performed in ancient Egypt and Greece. And even now in my present life, there has been plenty of situations where sound has been instrumental in a client’s life to help them move through difficult times and allow healing to take place in their body. Sound itself has an inherent transformative power.  Sound is attuned to the creative matrix of the universe.  By coupling sound, speech and music, with pure intention, to attune to, invoke, or transform one's consciousness, we step into a powerful place. All this information has me thinking and exploring more and more. Could it be that we have been given the gift of language to keep the energy flowing in our body? I believe so and I find magnificent manifestations of such in my practice and personal life. But maybe we are no longer so successful in keeping our connection and power with today’s broken up language.

When we speak we unconsciously use sound to attune to, invoke, and transform our consciousness and energy levels. Sound is a frequency, a vibration and it is very powerful. We are vibrational beings so consider this; In our language we use low and high frequency sounds. Low frequency language affects our lower body and the bottom three central energy centers (chakras). Those sounds more often will help us ground, connect, and tap into lower frequency emotions such as worry, anger and revenge. Higher frequency words affect our upper body and top three central energy centers. They can help us connect to our higher self, our divine nature and to move through emotions such as enthusiasm, optimism and joy. Our heart is affected the most as sound travels with the breath in and out of the lungs. Sound ripples out through our heart’s magnetic field which happens to be up to 5,000 times greater than that of our brain.  (In ancient Greece the heart was spoken of as the center of intelligence.) So whenever we utter a sound it travels through our body and vibrates through organs and systems affecting every part of us at a molecular level. The spoken word, music, chants all are ways of flowing energy through our bodies, clearing any blockages, empowering, energizing and vibrationally adjusting our very core. The ancient cultures knew this and placed great importance on sound, speech and singing. But alas, a lot of time has passed and information has gotten lost. Forgotten and ignored.
This is why I sit here and ponder, how does it affect us when we speak in code? Where does it lead our next generation? By typing shortened versions of sentences over and over through our texts do we begin to forget how to speak properly? Are we compromising our energy levels and personal power? And do we do our body and mind a dis-service by not annunciating our words and not allowing the energies to flow freely?
Something to think about!

Translations :-)

OMG! (Oh My God!)
LOL! (Laugh out Loud)
ROFL (Roll on the Floor Laughing)
NVM (Never Mind)
JK (Just Kidding)
KWIM? (Know what I mean?)
WDUM (What Do You Mean)


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