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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The only constant... is change.

This summer can you...
...remember who you are? 

Does the warmth of the summer sun awaken your inner world? Does the new growth on flowers and trees & their intoxicating aroma, invite you to expand your senses? Do you have visions of dancing in fields of flowers, swimming in a cool mountain lake and listening to the language of the soft wind? Yes, it is finally spring here in Colorado and some days it already feels like summer. Our bodies and soul know the language of the seasons and are ready for some new adventures as the earth blossoms once again out of its winter slumber. But does your
mind remember what it is like to rise out of the darkness of the cold months, peak outside and see the inviting rays and warmth calling us to laugh and play under the blue skies?

Do you remember who you are? Or have you been buried under the 9-5 too long? Have you forgotten how to put things aside once in a while and honor your self and re-connect with your inner joy..

 Yes life is busy, but ...

In life and in every situation, you can choose how you are going to react and how you are going to feel about it.

Think about this:
STRESS is not caused by the situations in our lives  
but in how we RE-ACT to them.
Blowing bubbles is a de-stressor & promotes full, conscious breathing
You have the choice to step back, look at what is happening and act, instead of re-acting.

Have you ever stopped and watched kids and how they playfully deal with life? Or how animals get in a tiff and then shake it off and move on? Why do we choose to surround ourselves with excess drama?  To feed the ego, and the "poor me" scenario, draining attention from everyone who will listen. Perhaps we do not realize how this drains our bodies and weighs down on our emotions as well. It overwhelms our lymphatic system, stresses our heart, promotes the production of stress hormones that block the absorption of vital nutrients in our body and wreak havoc in our system.

Perhaps we can learn to step back, take a couple of full breaths and put ourselves in an emotionally neutral space from where we can control and promote a positive outcome.

This summer I invite you to honor your inner child and dig up the joy that is hidden inside your heart.
And if you can't think of anything fun start with one of these:
  • walk in nature
  • roll in the grass
  • get your feet wet in a stream
  • plunge into a lake with a friend.
  • make a big sandcastle
  • Count the steps that lead up to a monastery
  • chase the cotton wood flowers
  • count the petals of a daisy
  • make a flower wreath
  • sleep outside in a tent under the stars
  • blow bubbles and chase them around with your kids
  • watch a movie at the park with a friend
  • enjoy the melting ice cream on a hot day
  • chase your shadow
  • start a pillow fight with your partner
  • take some silly selfies
Laughter & Relaxation promote the production of feel good hormones, signal the body that all is safe and allow for systems to slowly resume normal functions. It helps us move through the "fight or flight" & stress overwhelm scenario and into a joyful state.  With practice & coaching we slowly remember how to be ourselves again, and learn to enjoy life no matter what challenges come our way. Stress full situations will always arise in life. The only constant is that change is everywhere. The answer is in how you deal with everything that comes your way.
Hey its worth a try. What do you have to loose; stress?  ;-) 

Quote on Change: 

(Everything changes and nothing stands still)

Heraclitus of Ephesus was a Greek philosopher, known for his doctrine of change being central to the universe, and for establishing the term Logos (λόγος) in Western philosophy as meaning both the source and fundamental order of the Cosmos . 

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