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Monday, August 8, 2016

Dear Heart...

That fleeting moment...

& those who love us!  

The end of summer is steadily approaching, especially here in Colorado, since schools will soon be starting up again and our first cold could arrive as soon as September. For me summer holds a special place in my heart. Not only do I enjoy having the kids home from school but I thrive on sunshine and blue skies. Gardening is also one of my passions. This time of year is filled with growing and nurturing time under the sun. Cultivating our own vegetables, fruits and herbs feels good as we get to cook wholesome meals and create natural products for our perusal. There is also another important reason of why summer is so special. Since most of my extended family resides overseas this is tBhe time when we get to travel across the ocean and 
What a treat this is!
Often we ignore the significance of having someone to talk to, someone to share laughter and sorrow with and someone to be around that just knows us and loves us unconditionally. It does not have to be a blood relative; some of our closest people are strong friendships that withstand the test of time and distance. For me it is both family and childhood friends. I look forward to the silly, hysterical laughing moments and to reminiscing over those instances that have contributed to our strong emotional bond as well as creating new memories. Since a lot of "my people" are not around me throughout the year I cherish those relationships and I often try to fill that empty space with an email, text or phone call. Alas it is not quite enough! Within the last eighteen months I have also lost a few very special people in my life; one after another. It has been a time of inner introspection and painful growth. A period of time that made me stop and re-consider my life. Even though our family has always been very close and the regrets are few if any, you can't help but imagine the things you could have still done together, the hugs you could have exchanged. We assume that our loved ones will be around for a long time or at least till their old age. That the natural flow and order of life will continue. Often though life throws us a curved ball and in an instant everything changes. If we only could have spent more time with them, called more often, laughed heartily and shared more "I love you's" with them.
Truth is
 So, as I am once again reminded, I am here to remind you as well to live life to its fullest.
Laugh as much as you can. Spend time with those you love. Get over petty arguments as much as possible and hug those you love often. Cherish friendships; recognize the people in your life that go the extra mile. Be grateful for every little moment you spend with those "special" people in your life.
 Many of us rush through life, day by day striving to fit into our daily schedule as much as we can and in the process of being so busy, forgetting to spend time with those we love. Forget to spend time doing things we love. We forget to be human, and forget what our role is.
Have you ever stopped to ask yourself: Why am I here anyway? What is my role and my purpose? Are we meant to live a life filled with anxieties, and insecurities? Or could it be that in our busy schedules we have forgotten where our joy lies? 
Let's take a deep breath, and for a moment close our eyes... bring to mind your loved ones, see them smiling at you. Savor and rest in the moment for a while... Breath it in, feel the emotion, get lost in the energetic embrace of those that you cherish and that cherish you. Even those that have crossed over. And when you feel complete, get up and make contact. Meet up, go give those "special" people that are still in this world a hug, pick up the phone, send an email. Remind them how much they mean to you. Open your heart and share the love!  
 The list is simple:
  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe easily and fully
  • Visualize your loved ones
  • Give them a hug in your mind's eye
  • Take another breath
  • Open your eyes
  • Make contact and share the love

In the end we all just need to be loved!   

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