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About the AURA, CHAKRAS, COLOR Therapy

The Aura & the Chakras

What is an aura? 
The Aura is the energy field that surrounds you. All living things have an energy field. Easter philosophy tells us that the energy field is what keeps us healthy and anytime there is a disruption in our energy flow this will show up as dis-ease in the physical body.
In other words  an aura is our energetic template that extends way beyond our physical body and what we see. It is the blueprint of who we are and by clearing any imbalances that exist in the seven layers  that create it, we take care of dis-ease that may eventually manifests in our physical body if we choose do not address the symptoms.

This following definition is of an “Aura” as described by Dr. Barbara Brennan, who is a world-renowned healer, teacher and former NASA physicist.  Dr. Brennan has devoted the last 30 years to research and exploration of the Human Energy Field.  I have been studying Barbara’s techniques through Healing Touch and I love the way that she explains the Aura:

“The Human Energy-Consciousness System" or Human Aura
The Human Energy Field is the manifestation of the universal energy that is intimately involved with human life. It can be described as a luminous body that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body, emits its own characteristic radiation and is usually called the "aura."
The auric field is a quantum leap deeper into our personality than is our physical body. It is at this level of our being that our psychological processes take place. The Human Energy Field is the vehicle for all psychosomatic reactions.
The physical body arises out of the energy field, thus an imbalance or distortion in this field will eventually cause a disease in the physical body that it governs. Therefore, healing distortions in the field will bring about healing in the physical body.
The Human Energy Field is composed of an infinite number of levels. We focus primarily on the seven lower levels. Each level penetrates through the body and extends outward from the skin. Each successive level is of a "higher frequency" or a "higher octave." Each extends out from the skin several inches farther than the one within it of lower frequency. The odd-numbered levels are structured fields of standing, scintillating light beams. The first, third, fifth, and seventh levels of this field are structured in a specific form. The even-numbered levels – the second, fourth, and sixth – are filled with formless substance/energy.”

          It is worth noting that everyone and everything has an aura.  It is the substance that keeps us vibrating. Some people and energy workers can see and feel the aura. Children are very good at seeing and experiencing the aura and you may notice that in their drawings, of people with different color and shading around them.

           Have you ever walked into a room full of people and felt the tension? Have you smiled back at a stranger while crossing paths on the street? Do you feel it when someone is in a bad mood? Can you feel someone staring at you?  Do some people simply make you happy while you feel yourself tensing up around others? Are some smells or colors more comfortable for you? These are all instances of coming into contact with someone else’s aura. You may not have touched them physically but you can “feel” their energy reaching out to you. As our auras extend way past our physical body, we rub fields with people around us every day and every moment.

          An aura, when balanced, forms an elliptical shape around a body and is smooth and warm. It can extend from several feet to several miles as in the case of masters and avatars. It consists of several layers, the first seven of which we deal with in energy medicine. The different layers vibrate in the frequency of the colors of a rainbow starting with red as the closest to the body and violet the farthest out. Each layer represents a different aspect of our being and plays an important role in our well being. As I often explain about color therapy, each color holds a different frequency and resonates to a specific part of our body called the chakra or energy center. Colors stimulate our pituitary gland and may bring about balance or imbalance to our physical body. In Energy Medicine by noticing the colors present in the body a practitioner may be able to assess where the source of the imbalance originates. Attributes of the color, such as intensity, clarity, luminosity and feel must be taken into consideration to understand and clear such imbalances.  As with our physical body our aura can be weekend by destructive habits such as poor diet, alcohol consumption, tobacco usage, lack of exercise and stress. Bad habits lead to lower vibrations which in turn lead to a compromised aura which will in turn manifest into dis-ease in the body. 

           Through aging, illness, and absorption of negativity in our lives, the Chakras slow their rate of spinning and become heavy with low vibration debris. Through mantras and meditation techniques we are able to maintain the vitality and spin-rate of the chakras. A chakra balancing meditation practice is recommended daily to start your day out right.

The different layers of the auric field are:

1. Etheric Layer - Root Chakra - physical aspects and awareness of material body

2. Emotional Layer - Sacral Plexus - tied to the emotional aspects of our being

3. Mental Layer - Solar Plexus - associated with the mental thoughts and processes

4. Astral Layer - Heart Chakra - bridge between physical and spiritual realms

5. Etheric Template - Throat Chakra - blueprint of physical plain/body

6.  Celestial Layer - Third Eye  - Intuitive level, access to higher thoughts and guidance

7. Ketheric Template - Crown Chakra - connection to divine/universal conscioussness

 Protecting Your Aura
- Do you have a friend, family member or client/boss who drains your energy and you feel exhausted around them while they feel better? They are probably draining your energy system and you need to know how to close your energetic circuit. In my Energy Medicine classes I teach methods of strengthening and protecting your aura, but for now here is an easy and covert way of making sure you keep your Aura “clean”: Simply sit comfortably in your chair or couch while that person is talking, cross your legs at the ankles and bring your hands together, touching thump to pinky, and lay them on your lap. This way you close your circuit and contain your energy currents within your field.  Sometimes, people may get up and walk away, visibly upset, thinking that you are not paying attention. But really, it is because they can no longer benefit by sucking up your energy.  Try this…it really works!


  1. Tibetan Singing bowls and Tibetan Himalayan bowls are a very ancient process of healing with sounds. For many diseases it is undoubtedly good. But sound therapy has now become more precise after the researches of many more healing sound frequencies for various diseases.

    1. Thank you for your comment Chelsy. Yes, i agree, sound healing is very powerful and effective. I use it myself occasionally.

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