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Energy Medicine and Teeth Problems - Meridian Tooth Chart

Did you know that your teeth's health are a great indicator of the health of the rest of your body?
Every tooth is energetically related to a meridian in your body and there is a correlation between the health of the organs and body systems and your teeth.
When we have an aching or troublesome tooth this is our body's way of bringing our attention to a health issue somewhere in the body. The nerve endings in our teeth carry the energy through a specific meridian (energy channel) and connect it to a specific organ/gland in your body.

During a session a meridian and it's flow can be unblocked, drained, re-established or sedated according to what we are trying to achieve. Sometimes our meridians are overloaded by stress, anxiety and other life events. By looking at a chart, we can find the source of the problem and help relieve the meridian and allow the body to nourish itself back to health.

So if you have teeth problems and are looking for answers why, I might be able to help you. As always if you have severe tooth issues, inflammation or any important issues with your teeth is it advisable to see your dentist as well. I work with clients and their dentist hand in hand to help alleviate oral problems and help you translate your body's needs.

Watch the video below to understand a little more on how that flow may be obstructed leading to dis-ease of the body.

Teeth & your Meridian system
Physical / Emotional Tooth related chart

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