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Inspired Health Energy Medicine is a Holistic based wellness hub created out of Joy and Love and with a vision to bring conscious awareness to you through Powerful Energy Medicine & Coaching Sessions, Private Classes & Group Workshops.

Are you stuck? Are you faced with physical illness, emotional turmoil, loss of a loved one, career-related stress and want to grow spiritually? Then these sessions & programs will provide you with the boost you need to successfully move through your life transitions.
Immerse yourself in restorative, healing treatments and educational workshops and get on a path to maintain and increase your well being with consistent support through private sessions, talks, workshops & classes. Unique online and in person programs we help you focus your intentions, reclaim your health, your energy, and your life.
This is a platform to help you move to the next step of evolution and live life with joy, compassion and love as we all learn how to heal ourselves and others.
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Vibrational Medicine / Reiki / Healing Touch - What is it and what does it feel like?

     Energy Medicine has been found to be very beneficial and effective in helping the body heal from stress & anxiety, depression, chronic pain, immune system dis-eases, PTSD, cancer, pre and post surgical care, and many more. 
  Your personalized session begins with a short confidential consultation in which we discuss your reasons for seeking a treatment as well as physical, emotional & spiritual expectations. 
     We then roll into the Energy Medicine Session in which an assessment of your health and energy fields is made by the practitioner using her hands and possible energy reading apparatus while laying on a massage table. Following through with a variety of Vibrational Healing techniques, your practitioner will work using her hands and light or no touch to move and relieve congested energy from your field and in such way  restoring  balance to your system. Physical, emotional, mental & spiritual adjustments are addressed according to your needs. Inducing a deep state of relaxation will allow the body to start resuming its normal, healthy functions and be on its way to recovery. You might experience a calming effect as well as a renewed sense of energy during the session and for a limited time following your appointment. 
     A brief conclusion and recommendations will be given at the end of the session to help you follow through with self-care and in such way possibly prolonging the healing effects of your visit. 
     Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my services.

Vibrational Medicine
Vibrational Medicine or Vibrational Healing is based on the scientific principles that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency and that by using resonant vibration, balance of matter can be restored.

Our bodies also resonate a precise frequency when they are healthy and balanced.  But our vibrations easily get distorted and unbalanced when we experience emotional and/or physical stress. 
And that leaves our immune system low and the body open to dis-ease.
There are several ways of affecting the field and promoting healthy change in our bodies. 
In my practice, some of my primary tools are listed below but there are numerous ways that a session might take form. You will always be consulted in your preferences and dislikes in order to enjoy each session.
Creative Visualization, Energy Medicine (Reiki, Healing Touch, Accupressure, Cellular Memory clearing) 
Chromotherapy (color therapy)
Crystal Therapy & Gem Elixirs,  
Aromatherapy (Essential Oils & Accupressure),
Flower Essence Remedies,
Aura Soma Color System

Energy Medicine techniques (some of which are being taught by nurses in hospitals) as well as the vibratory energies that emanate from colors, crystals, aromatherapy, light and sound help in breaking up these blockages in the body and restoring free flowing healthy energy. Think of it just like your veins and arteries that need to have a unobstructed, continuous flow in your body. The presence of a blood clot could be detrimental to your health. In the same way, blockages in the energetic field of the body can result in major illnesses and dysfunctions of the body. Here is a link with a short video by Dr. James Oschman explaining a bit about Energy Medicine.

Energy Medicine has it’s roots in the ancient times, and goes back as far as ancient Greece and Egypt.  The health of the human body relies on a continuous and unobstructed flow of energy present in the Human Energy System which scientists call the biofield.  If the energy is blocked or disturbed, a person may feel ill and emotionally drained. Or they might feel continuously tired and lacking energy.  Those blocks may be created by stress, trauma, emotional distress and imbalances, and past experiences.

If you are not feeling healthy and energized, as is our normal state of being, you will probably benefit from an energy medicine session.

The human body is made up of frequencies that when healthy, form a harmonic presence.  When we experience physical or emotional stress our body's vibrations can become tangled and out of tune. With the use of different modalites and techniques which clear our field and allow for a harmonic flow of energy once again we are able to feel renewed, revitalized and refreshed. Ready to tackle every day and enjoy life.

In Vibrational healing I use techniques which help the body reset itself and remember it's natural state of balance and hence it becomes strong, resilient and able to see life with a renewed sense of peace and harmony. At the same time the immune system is strengthened and is able to resist harmful bacteria and face the flow of life with renewed vigor. You can expect to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to create the life you want.  In a Vibrational healing session the flow of energy is very organic. My hands will move to where the energy of the body feels low or needs clearing, cleansing, connecting and balancing. Sometimes staying at the same location for ten or twenty minutes, helping the process of "resetting", removing cellular memory that is no longer helpful to the person. Some of the vibratory tools that you may experience in a session are Creative Visualization, Color & Light Therapy, Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, Raindrop Technique, Reflexology (Vita Flex), Cellular Memory clearing and reset, Vibratory Grid Activation, Back Chakra clearing and Activation, Flower Remedies and Aura Soma.

 Other techniques that I use which are more popular are Reiki and Healing Touch, Quantum Healing, & others. In these sessions specific technique and hand positions are followed as a standard protocol of healing and balancing. Subtle energy therapies such as Reiki and Healing Touch have been used for centuries to clear energetic blockages in the body therefore allowing the balancing of the human energy field. These sessions have a holistic approach to healing, which means that they support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, addressing our whole being.  
Reiki : The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”.  Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice. It is not massage nor is it based on belief or suggestion. It is a subtle and effective form of energy work using spiritually guided life force energy.  This healing system developed by Micao Usui has its roots in Japan and its complete name is Usui Reki Ryoho. Reiki can be used to help induce relaxation or to facilitate stress release which in turn can help the body find relief from ailments and dis-eases.  If you would like more information on what to expect in a session please scroll down.

Healing Touch: This is an energy therapy were practitioners consciously use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. It is a biofield therapy that helps relax the body and allow it to come back to balance and a more healthy state.

The relaxation response (as explained by HT's Carol Comitor), which is elicited in the body allows for physical balance and harmony to succeed.  

Modern technology such as EKG’s and EEG’s measure the electrical biofields of our heart and our brain. An Energy Therapy practitioner will use their hands to assess their client’s body state and clear blockages in order to achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. 
Relaxation Response by Carol Komitor
While I have been practicing Energy Medicine for over 12 years, my sessions have expanded to a new level, where I am guided to uses higher vibrational frequencies which help heal the body at a much more connected level. If you read further you will find out a little bit about how we as human beings work in a multifaceted capacity. It is important to understand that we exist on several levels; physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual being just some of them and all of those affect us at different levels:

During a session we will attempt to locate and clear any blockages within the  Human Energy System and we will mainly work with three parts:
The Aura (The body’s electromagnetic field)
The Chakras   (The body’s energy centers) and
The Meridans (The body’s energy channels)

Having these systems balanced, results in a healthy body, mind and spirit. In an Energy Therapy Session the ultimate goal is to restore all these systems which will help the body bring about the natural state of balance and health.

The new science of Epigenetics is now revolutionizing our understanding of the link between mind and matter and the profound effects it has on our personal lives and the collective life of our species. 
If you'd like to read more about Epigenetics you may pick up one of Bruce Lipton's books, such as the Biology of Belief. 

In our sessions, we continuously practice how to slowly affirm the life you want and train your mind to think as a co-creator of this universe. Accessing higher levels of frequency your mind and body remembers how to function and thrive in a higher vibration bringing you health, joy and rejuvenation.

Please Note: Reiki, Healing Touch and Vibrational Medicine is meant to be used as a complement to traditional care or as a personal relaxation or stress reducing tool. It is not a substitute for qualified medical or traditional care.


What to expect - During Your Session
A new client session lasts 90 min. and includes a 20-30 min. consultation. 
Each session thereafter is an hour long unless otherwise requested. Sessions come in 30 , 60, 90 and 120 minutes. 
Frequency and duration of treatment will depend on client’s individual needs. It is beneficial to schedule the follow up session within two weeks to keep up with the changing energy of the body. If another session is not schedule soon enough we run the risk of loosing the progress we've made as the body takes time to adjust to the new balanced state and we need to work in keeping the old blocks from resurfacing.
 The client remains fully clothed and lies comfortably on a massage table. The practitioner will place their hands in various positions on the body and use either light or no touch as instructed by the client. 
Dimmed lights, soft music and a relaxation visualization technique to help the client enter their "happy place" may enhance the healing experience.

What Does Reiki / Healing Touch Feel Like?
Many people often experience Reiki as love and relaxation. Love is a uniting power that leads us forward to an even greater state of oneness with the whole of creation. The real goal of humankind is to translate this state into reality and to live it out. Love is the original home of the soul where it returns to be united as a drop with the boundless ocean of being, a state of union encompassing knowledge and wisdom, creativity and harmony as well as self-realization, all-embracing love and eternal bliss.
The most common thing experienced during treatment is a sense of peace and relaxation, often combined with a pleasant feeling of security of being enclosed in a fine sheathe of energy. Generally, the experience is somewhat different every time.

Recipients have reported the following sensations:
-          A soothing, secure feeling
-        Feel very peaceful
-        Sometimes may feel tingly and the recipient may be temporarily restless
-        A sense of deep relaxation
-        Warmth – in general or from the practitioners hands
-        Sometimes recipients see images or colors

The recipient often feels warmth or tingling in the area being treated. Similar to a massage, effects such as deep relaxation, calm and peace usually follow the session and may last for several weeks. 

Effects of a session
Reiki / Healing Touch and Vibrational Medicine can never do damage in any way, since energy only flows in the quantities necessary for the recipient.  These modalities are an extremely pleasant, holistic method of healing that:

-        Support the body’s natural ability to heal itself
-        Vitalizes both body and soul
-         Reestablishes spiritual equilibrium and mental well-being
-        Functions on all levels, whether mental or spiritual, bodily or emotional
-        Balances the body’s energies
-        Loosens up blocked energy and promotes a state of total relaxation
-        Cleanses the body of toxins
-        Also works on animals and plants
-        Adjusts itself according to the needs of the recipient
-     Remote / Long Distance sessions are also possible

Treatment with Reiki / Healing Touch and Vibrational Medicine can result in the appearance of slight or more intense detoxification symptoms on the physical level.  These symptoms are to be regarded as a means of self-regulation.  They generally take on such forms as increased evacuation of the bowels and bladder, increased mucus secretion in the upper respiratory passages.  Increased water intake is very beneficial after a treatment.

After Your Session 
A relaxed and balanced sense of being usually continues for several days or longer.  A cleansing process may occur, necessary to allow your physical, emotional, or mental bodies to detoxify and/or finish the release of blockages.  Cleansing may cause various reactions such as tiredness or feeling a bit spacey.  During this time drinking extra water and getting enough rest is an essential part of your wellness.  Emotional reactions may occur as you find yourself rethinking things that were forgotten or ignored.  These reactions usually pass quickly and re a positive sign that a healing is taking place.  Ultimately, Reiki leads you through a progression to greater holistic health and balanced well-being, and offers many fits and opportunities for those sincerely interested in holistic development.

Follow-Up Sessions
For relaxation and stress reduction a short session may be quite effective.  Minor conditions may sufficiently improve with one session.  Some things that have persisted may take 3 or 4 frequent sessions.  Chronic or serious conditions may require at least 4 sessions to start, followed by sessions of regular intervals gradually lengthening in between.  In general, -really-every single being has amazing possibilities.  Use your intuition and allow me to guide you.
Packages are available at a discounted price to help you commit to your health and well being.

        Energy Medicine is a complementary healing modality that can be used very effectively alongside conventional medicine and allows for faster and effective healing. It heals from the inside out, taking care of the source of the problem and ultimately bringing about self-healing.  Please note that Energy Medicine should not be used as a replacement for proven conventional care or to postpone seeing a doctor about a medical condition.



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