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Inspired Health Energy Medicine is a Holistic based wellness hub created out of Joy and Love and with a vision to bring conscious awareness to you through Powerful Energy Medicine & Coaching Sessions, Private Classes & Group Workshops.

Are you stuck? Are you faced with physical illness, emotional turmoil, loss of a loved one, career-related stress and want to grow spiritually? Then these sessions & programs will provide you with the boost you need to successfully move through your life transitions.
Immerse yourself in restorative, healing treatments and educational workshops and get on a path to maintain and increase your well being with consistent support through private sessions, talks, workshops & classes. Unique online and in person programs we help you focus your intentions, reclaim your health, your energy, and your life.
This is a platform to help you move to the next step of evolution and live life with joy, compassion and love as we all learn how to heal ourselves and others.
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Should you feel inclined to post a few nice words in this section on how my services have helped you in any way, please take a moment to post below with your comments and praises. This section can be motivating to all as well as provide hope and inspiration.  Thank you for the humbling chance to serve you!

Reiki I class
Corinna is amazing. I feel like my Reiki journey has just begun!!  March 2016
R.C. N., Greeley, CO

Flower Essence Remedies:
I started using flower essences in the past 2 years, crafted for my specific needs, by my practitioner , Corinna P. Kromer.  She makes them up for my dog too who benefited enormously from them..helping him to heal from traumatic circumstances. The flowers  do wonders for psychosomatic conditions that other remedies do not.
Being in the healing arts myself, I am very particular and sensitive about what I use.  The flowers are like magic in a bottle...gentle, deeply soothing and healing properties. January 27, 2016

Aletheia M. Mystea, MA

Green Theology Ministries: Earth Rites, Animal Rites, Human Rites, LLC The Ministry of Destiny's Grace: A Legacy of Love for All Ways, LLC
M., Grand Junction/Fort Collins, CO

Corinna saved my life. Literally.
I have major depressive disorder. I also have a mind brain injury with resultant insomnia and anxiety. Two years ago, I made a huge move from the Front Range, where I had lived for over 30 years, to the western slope, where I had enrolled in a 9-month 200-hr yoga teacher training course. My plan was to stay there and get involved with teaching yoga to wounded warriors and others with TBI, PTSD, MDD, GAD - lots of acronyms for lots of invisible afflictions that lots of us struggle with each day. 
My plan didn't work out. After selling my house and being "homeless" for two months, I arrived in Grand Junction in the worst psychological state of my life. Had it not been for Corinna's amazing healing skills - especially long distance - I can honestly say I probably would have died there. I have since moved back to Fort Collins, and I'm so happy & grateful to be learning from her in person again. ♥   Sept. 2015
C. M., Grand Junction/Fort Collins, CO

Thank you so much for the DIY class.   I feel so empowered knowing that I can make & share these natural remedies with my family.  The recipes are simple, natural and so much fun to do.  Great classes! 

Super awesome class today, blowing my mind!  May 2015
J. R., Fort Collins, CO

Corinna has been my healing touch practitioner for 2 1/2 years.  I came to Corinna at a particularly difficult time in my life.  I am a professional in the Healing Arts and it is very important to me that my knowledge be respected and incorporated into the sessions...Corinna has managed that very well. My existing knowledge of energy work and other healing modalities has grown significantly under Corinna's guidance...I am thrilled with how much more I have learned about color, crystal and aromatherapy; nutrition; the body and its infinite capacity for healing; the intimate intricacies of how the body, mind and spirit weave together... Corinna's understanding of these dynamics is outstanding!  After this much time, I continue to be amazed at the depth of her knowledge, wisdom and insight.  
I am currently at a place in my life that I could not have imagined 2 1/2 years ago!  Corinna has shepherded me through one of the darkest nights of my soul, back into the light of a new day dawning...I am forever grateful.    November 2014
A. M. M., Fort Collins, CO

I have worked with Corinna for two years and two months, coming to her just three months out of one of the most devastating losses of my life, to date.  I wanted to continue with the Healing Touch energy work I had been doing for about seven years which, she agreed to. I am a professional in the healing arts so it was very important that Corinna be able to meet me as a professional as well as a client.  Corinna integrated this beautifully, honoring my professional and personal knowledge, while introducing me to new information and methods.  Corinna is very adept at balancing what I know works for me and respectfully offering suggestions for me to explore. Corinna has an excellent grasp on the physical, emotional, spiritual and subtle energy systems, which offer a  completely integrated healing experience for body, mind and spirit. 
Rev. A. M. M. MA, Fort Collins, CO

The Raindrop Therapy was an amazingly relaxing experience.  Oct. 2013
D. H., Fort Collins, CO

S. C., Fort Collins, CO

Corinna is great! she not only is very passionate about her work, she also really cares about enhancing your life!     
J. G., Fort Collins, CO         

“Corinna brings a professional presence that is saturated in peace, skill, creativity and intuition. Her abilities as a health awareness coach are revealed in lives that are healthier, happier and more effective. Personally, I know my well-being has improved because of her presence in my life.” May 9, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
C. J.,  Fort Collins, CO

“There is a time to work, there is a time to play, and there is a time to focus on your own health and wellness..

When it comes time to make your health a top priority, call Corinna.
Corinna is caring, compassionate. and will help move you toward the health goals you've always envisioned for yourself. My only regret is that I did not start sooner.

Thanks Corinna-I look forward to working with you again!” January 21, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
M. H.,  Fort Collins, CO

“I first met Corinna as her instructor in several Healing Touch classes. I have since become her mentor as she completes the Healing Touch program. I have also received healing sessions from Corinna, and it is that regard I write this recommendation for her.

Corinna is a very gifted energy worker, combining several forms of Energy Medicine in her practice. Her presence is calming and authentic. She uses a series of techniques to help the body return to a state of balance and harmony so healing can take place. I highly recommend Corinna as an energy medicine practitioner." January 30, 2010
S. M.,  Fort Collins, CO

I started going to Corinna about a year ago for Reiki. She has helped me so much physically, emotionally and spiritually! I didn't really know what Reiki was all about when I first started going but it was easy to open up to Corinna because she is such a warm and loving person! I was so changed by my Reiki healing that I decided to become a Reiki practitioner. Corinna is a wonderful teacher and a powerful mentor! I now am a level 3 Reiki practitioner and I plan on becoming a Master. It has truly changed my life and opened me up to the awesome healing powers of the universe! Reiki has helped me have more energy it has also helped me sleep better. It has helped me form healthier habits for myself and my family. It has taught me about the way energy flows through our bodies and how it effects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! It is truly amazing and is guaranteed to change your life for the better! The amazing thing about Reiki is that it can only help you heal there are no side effects and it will not interfere with any medications of other types of treatment! So there is nothing to lose and only positive things to gain. I hope you will give Reiki a chance to bless your life the way it has blessed mine!
K. F., Loveland, CO

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