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Welcome to Inspired Health Energy Medicine. A place where you can come experience health and vitality through powerful Energy Sessions and compassionate Spiritual Life Coaching. In addition to the private or group appointments, I am so excited to introduce you to an amazing new line up of classes and conscious curriculum which can aid you to create powerful and lasting positive changes in your life. Here you can find information about Energy Medicine & Vibrational Healing which can assist with the process of ascension as well as to find ways to get unstuck in life. Join this blog for articles, a copy of my Newsletter, get details on classes and Workshops and other fun stuff. Through this page you can also connect with me on Facebook and see posts on Inspired Health Energy Medicine. Inspirational messages, short meditations and tidbits are posted regularly for your benefit.

Are you ready to feel better? To thrive and not just survive? It is my business and my life's dream to help you feel great and reclaim the joy in your life! Whether that manifests in a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual plane, I am committed to helping you discover your true nature and clear any dis-eases from your life. Energy Medicine has been used for eons to remove physical, mental and emotional blockages. A Vibrational Healing Session, Reiki, Healing Touch or Spiritual Coaching Session can have you in a better, more relaxed state in only an hour! Do you have an hour to spare for your health? Come experience the blissful existence that awaits you. Get relief from chronic fatigue, stress, flu symptoms, depression, anxiety and an array of other ailments and dis-eases, simply by relaxing your body and allowing it to do the healing.

Vibrational & Energy Healing sessions are combined with Color Therapy, Aura Soma, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Visualization Techniques to offer you the maximum benefit. Reiki, Healing Touch, Raindrop Technique workshops, Information on Crystals, Meditation and other classes are also available throughout the year so make sure to keep checking the schedule as classes are added often. Better yet, by signing up down below at "Join this Site", you can receive automatic updates and information on new posts and classes.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

How to change your REALITY - Do you feel the lightness in your heart?

Our lives can easily become busy and hectic and in the midst of it all we forget to enjoy the small pleasures that are available to us. Perhaps all is not as we would wish it but what are you doing about changing that?
Have you noticed that our thoughts, feelings and the words we use on a daily basis affect our outer reality? What we radiate from within creates the reality that we experience on an every day basis. When we carry fear in our heart we will be faced with fear in our life. When we carry anger we tend to be surrounded with angry people that radiate this feeling back to us. When we nurture love in our heart we will create a life surrounded with loving people and loving situations.
The state of our inner consciousness is powerful and radiates outward to create the macrocosm of our microcosm.
It would only follow then, that we would want to strive to hold love, kindness, joy and laughter in our heart in order to experience more of those in our life. And when we cradle such emotions and feelings inside our heart feels light as a feather. The seeming problems in our lives dissolve and take care of themselves in a magical way. We become one with the flow of creation and learn to allow the river of life to carry us in its flow instead of trying to swim upstream.
So I challenge you today to think of some joyful feelings that you can tap into and see what positive changes you can bring into your life.
Let go of stress. Let go of the things in life you have no control over. Instead take control of your emotions. Turn fear into love. Hatred into acceptance. Panic into confidence. Have faith that by doing so your reality will start adapting to the new parameters you are setting up for yourself. Take your time with it. Nothing happens overnight. But keep reminding yourself every time you have a heavy feeling to try and turn it around. Use words that are light and joyful. Instead of saying "I hate this" try "I much prefer..." or instead of saying "NO" how can you change the situation around to affirm "YES" in your life?

Remember: what you feel and what you emit will manifest in your outer world.
What is the life you would like to experience today? Do you feel the lightness in your heart?

In love and light, 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Energy Recalibration with Donna Eden - The Five Minute Routine

DIY: Monday, June 15th - Healing Boo Boo Salve/Diaper Rash Salve and Relaxing Lavender Bath Salts

On Monday, June 15th is our next Do It Yourself workshop at Pathways to Wellness in Fort Collins.
Today is the last day to sign up!

We will be making 2 products -
Healing Boo Boo Salve and
Lavender Bath Salts.
Healing Boo Boo Salve is a smooth, soft salve made from all natural ingredients and healing herbs - perfect for all kinds of scrapes, burns, sores and diaper rashes.
Lavender Bath Salts is a blend of relaxing and calming ingredients that is sure to calm your spirit and relax your body.
Follow this link and scroll down to RSVP on Meetup for DIY for Health & Home
Looking forward to creating and empowering.
See you Monday!

Monday, June 1, 2015

HEALING TOUCH Short 141120

HEALING TOUCH Short 141120
Integrative Medicine and short interviews with VAs. U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs