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Friday, February 5, 2016

On Self Love...

Are you Insane? Love myself?


Have you heard of the definition of insanity?

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

Keeping that in mind how is your year coming along so far? Have you set new year's resolutions only to feel tired of them already? Is it becoming cumbersome to keep up with your aspirations for change?
Let's step back for a moment. Looking at the year before what were the behaviors, events, relationships and ways of thinking that you were not happy about? I know, it's not good to dwell in the past, but what you did not like about last year are good indicators of what you would like to change for yourself this year. Putting new year's resolutions aside, take a good look at your life and decide what you need to change and set your intentions on that positive note.
A great example is the subject of weight loss. If last year you spent time feeling overweight, annoyed that you did not fit in your clothes, wanted to buy this new outfit but were holding off because eventually you were going to lose weight, and so on and so forth....then this year how about focusing on the healthy and perfect you?
See intention is half of the work. Intent to see yourself in your ideal weight, happy, joyful and and content with life. And start liking yourself for who you are. If you do not change the way you think about yourself how do you expect to allow change to take place? I have a little experience on that matter. We all have to move through our dark moments to eventually surface and triumph. Did you know that just by being here you brighten someone's life? Many times you will never even know what an aspiration you have been to some people you cross paths with.  So  put a smile on, open your heart and let some of that self-love trickle in.

Entering into the month of February, when all marketing and social tags are focused on love and relationships, this is the perfect time to start sending some love to yourself!
It all starts with self-love!

Wake up each morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say

"I love you".

It is not easy at first. But your body and your heart listen. And they responds favorably. Keep it up, every day - and the more you do it the more your will feel the resistance for self care diminish. Start focusing on the awesome YOU, the healthy and fresh foods you consume, walks in the park, soaking in the sunshine, breathing the fresh air. Whatever it takes. Bring in that positivity and allow yourself some self-love. And with consistency you will notice that not only is your life slowly changing but you are also starting to attract the love that you share every day.
As Louise Hay says
"I love myself;
therefore, I take loving care of my body.
I lovingly feed it nourishing foods and beverages,
I lovingly groom it and dress it, and my body lovingly
responds to me with vibrant health and energy"

I love you, 
Corinna ♥

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Dash of Joy!

Would you like some Joy in your life?


Today only,
    Do not anger,
    Do not worry.
    Be grateful & humble
    Be honest in your work    Be compassionate to yourself & others

How would you classify your everyday life?
Are you stressed, super busy, running from one task to the next without breath?
Are you overwhelmed?
Do you wish you could just stop and push the RESET button?
Perhaps even find joy in your everyday tasks?
It is possible to achieve positive change - with some simple tweaks in the way you think and approach life.

Mikao Usui, founder of the Reiki lineage, set out to share the secret of happiness with all those who crossed his path. Generations later and traveling down the lineage line, Reiki masters and teachers set out to do the same thing - help you understand how to once again invite joy and wholeness into your life.
One does not have to be into Reiki to enjoy this happy state of life. I simply wanted to share these concepts so you too can explore the centerdness that brings joy. Of course practicing Reiki self-treatment can be an effective and centering way of starting your day or treating ailments that show up. You might be intrigued by what you learn when you join a Reiki workshop.

Did you know that joy is a natural state of being? Being joyful brings about a healthy state in body and mind. Our emotional state affects not only our immune system but all functions in the body and when stress sets in, our body's capacity to self correct is compromised.
Think of the people that you love being around; and notice their outlook in life. Chances are they are joyful people, full of life and excitement and that state of being is what attracts you to them. We long to be happy and to have fun in life. Wouldn't you want to be full of life and experience joy?

It starts with the self –

Self-love, Self-treatment and Self-acceptance.

When you read the Reiki Precepts above, what message do you get out of it?
Do you notice that it starts with "Today only"? For me this is the reminder that we focus on one day at a time. Now, at this moment, on this day, what am I willing to put my focus on? How can I intent-fully create my day so that I may experience the most gratitude for how my life is flowing? These concepts have helped me to flow through calm and challenging days in my life. One at a time. Their power lies in the moment. Negativity is toxic to the body. How can I stay positive, kind, loving and how can I serve my fellow man without judgement?
You might be thinking "How is this going to help me find joy in my life"? Well, when you learn to slowly start removing the emotional toxins, the body responds by relaxing and allowing all systems to slowly come back into balance. This is why meditation and quiet time are so essential to our health. And by the way, repeating the Reiki precepts like a mantra during your meditation is a great way to allow joy into your life.

Are you ready to experience something different in your life? Are you ready to let go of stress, anxiety and find joy and calm? I invite you to adopt and repeat those precepts and see how they can bring some positive change in your life.

To your health and joy!

  Corinna ♥

Saturday, January 16, 2016