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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Male & Female Energies in our universe

videoMEDITATION: Before you begin reading this article I invite you to close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, and begin with a short meditation. You may either read this meditation and do it in your own time, or you may listen to the audio file above. 

      We will be noticing the activity between our right and left sides. First take a breath and focus onto your left brain hemisphere. Simply noticing. Then with the next breath tap into your right brain hemisphere. Then do the same with the right and left sides of your body. Take a breath and feel one side, then the other. Do you feel any differences? Any likenesses? What comes to mind. Do you get any messages? No judgement - just notice. Then take one more full breath, and bring the two together simply with intention. Feel your breath flowing freely and circulating through the right and left sides of your mind and body. Putting the same amount of attention to both. Just breathing, easily and relaxed. Tap into your entire body and see how it feels. By breathing consciously into both sides you are allowing your male and female energies to balance themselves even if it is not down the middle. Where you are ready slowly open your eyes and come back to the present moment.

 Have you ever noticed we live in a world of spirals?  We are part of a galaxy that gyrates in the form of a spiral. Spirals are found all around nature – in flowers, pine cones, deer antlers, seashells. Our bodies are build according to the golden mean which ultimate represents a spiral. We receive and perceive sounds from our environment through a spiral in our ear – the cochlea. And the sacred geometry symbol that we call the flower of life generates a giant spiral.  Just look around you – can you notice where spirals are hiding? 
Here’s something really neat – if you hold up your hand, flat in front of you and then start forming a fist by slowly folding in your fingers you will notice that starting with your little finger a spiral is formed. Just like those spiraling shells in the ocean. Spirals are all over our body.
All these spirals are created around a mathematical sequence called the Golden Mean or the phi ratio, which follows the Fibonacci sequence. If you are into math you surely have heard about the Fibonacci sequence, but this would be for another discussion.  The point is, this sequence seems to dictate our life and our surroundings. 
Within those spirals lie two creative energies, what we characterize as male & female energies. And that is not referring to gender. It is referring to the types of energies that flow through our world but also through our system and our chakras. Think of the yin and the yang.


Male energy when balanced, is directed and focused, linear & strategic; it is logical, it get things done. When out of balance though it can become confrontational, angry and shortsighted.
Female energy when balanced, is creative, random, expressive, unstructured and more circular and organic in form. When unbalanced however, it can become chaotic and out of control, messy and confused. 

We typically refer to our left side of the body as the female side. The side that is more sensitive, more emotional and carries the “female energy” organs as directed by eastern medicine. The right side of our body is typically associated with the male energy and our “male” physical organs. It is our strong side, where our will resides and is the side that “takes over” when things get tough and we need to move forward in life and make some decisions. 
Our brains are separated into two hemispheres, the left & right. In this case the left hemisphere is the one with the male aspects: It is the analytical, practical mathematician. Always in control and always orderly and realistic. Looking at each part separately and figuring out the best way to make things work. The right brain hemisphere is the female side. It is the emotional, creative part of us that looks at things as a whole, gets spurts of imagination, is artistic and flowy. It is all about colors, movement and what feels good. You might have guessed by now that the right hemisphere of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side. The reason for this is extensive but It seems it has to do a lot with visual stimulation and balance. But that is a whole other topic.
We all carry both energies in different amounts, no matter if we are male or female in gender. We may be female and carry more male energy or vice versa. We are born with a certain amount of each one and we usually carry on through life with the same ratio. It is not very common to find someone with exactly the same amount of each; usually female or male energy prevails and it is often obvious in the looks and mannerism of the person. About 90% of people are left brain dominant according to statistics. In the big picture however, the energy that is present in a person denotes whether the soul is more gentle and emotional or goal oriented and logical. Do you know anyone who is a workaholic? That would be a good indication of male energy in them. Got to get things done no matter what it entails!
Our entire world and universe is also comprised of both male and female energies and there is a constant fluctuation of such around us creating a natural balance. The universe is constantly creating and un-creating. Perpetually looking for balance as it creates within the realm of male and female energies.
The following charts give a few comparisons of these energies in our world as perceived by the Eastern philosophies. Every element of our life, every aspect of it is divided into the yin and the yang – female & male energies and their equivalent.

Here is a representation of Yin & Yang energies as a quick visual

So the next time you look around you, notice the seen and unseen world, become aware of your own shifts as you navigate life and engage in relationships with people, animals and nature, take a moment to tap in and feel the difference in the energies that flow within and all around you. Mindfulness helps us come back to center, feel balance and exist in this world in a peaceful manner.

 Corinna ♥


The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life – Drunval Mechizedek

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Are you ready for some Pampering Time?

Its "ME" time! 

Happy Mother's Day!
Whether you are thinking of doing something special for Mom or you really could use some "ME" time for yourself there is no perfect time than now to get some "pampering".

Isn't it interesting that we need the excuse of a special day to make arrangements for something sweet and nourishing for our bodies and souls?  Why are we so resistant to committing to a chunk of time each week for ourselves and do something we enjoy? Especially if there is a lot of stress in our every day living. When we have to make a doctors appointment we block out time. When we need a cavity filled we find time to do it. If we have to go to the bank, buy a house, run to our kids performance in school we make time.

But it seems society has us hardwired that we come last and that it is selfish to take time for ourselves, especially when the world is falling apart around us. However, have you heard of the saying "When Mama aint happy there aint nobody happy"? Yes, there is truth to that. After all, how can we help others and create a nourishing space for our family and be creative and productive at work if we are exhausted and drained? And what kind of example do we give our children? 
Well yes, there is a simple way of starting to pay as much attention to ourselves as we do to others. I invite you to right now, get on your calendar and block out a recurring, weekly chunk of time that is just for you
What you do with that time is up to you, but make sure that it is something fun, rejuvenating and invigorating. Whether you choose to go to the gym, go on a bike ride, read a book in peace or "take a hike" ;-) this will be your time to relax and rejuvenate yourself.  You might have noticed that my work week runs from Tuesday - Friday. Yes, Mondays are my days off. That's the day I run my errands but also book my "ME" time. My weekends are usually filled with family/kid time so there is usually not much quiet time involved there. So I try really hard to keep that day dedicated to my well being and to doing things I enjoy. In fact it is blocked off in my work calendar!
"ME" time not only helps us feel good but by consistently taking the time to do something that is relaxing and pleasing we allow our body to relieve itself of stressors and start diminishing the levels of cortisol (a stress induced hormone) in our system. Did you know that excess cortisol blocks the absorption of vital nutrients and supplements and wreaks havoc in our system? You might be eating the right foods, taking the right supplements and still not feel energetic and joyful because the stress you are under suppresses & reverses all the good work you do.
So perhaps one of the best things you can do for yourself starting today is
Yes, I can already hear the argument "I don't have time to take time off". It's a good point. But did you know that:
By offering yourself just 10 minutes of Relaxation each day, you become more clear minded, more productive, more positive and are able to live your life with much more joy.
That's all it takes
  • Close your eyes and take some deep breaths, right there at your desk.
  • Take a short walk in the sunshine during lunch and regroup.
  • Or enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend. 

All it takes is making the commitment to yourself AND STICKING TO IT!   Have you blocked out that time yet? 

For all of you nourishing mothers out there, female or male that fit the role,
You deserve some Happy Time.

Corinna ♥  

Friday, May 6, 2016

Relaxation leads to HEALING

When you give yourself time to relax, the cells in your body have a chance to reset and resume their normal functions, your brain neurons fire better and there is clarity of mind and your body starts producing feels good hormones such as oxytocing & DHEA helping you feel better and allowing nutrients from your food and environment to be absorbed at a greater rate. 
Can you give yourself at least 
10 minutes a day 
to relax and breathe with mindfulness?