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Inspired Health Energy Medicine is a place where you can come experience health and vitality through energy sessions and spiritual life coaching. Here you can find information about Energy Medicine and ways to get unstuck in life. Check out my Newsletter, get details on classes and Workshops and other fun stuff. Through this page you can also connect with me on Facebook and see posts on Inspired Health Energy Medicine. Are you ready to feel better? To thrive and not just survive? It is my business and my life's dream to help you feel great and reclaim the joy in your life! Whether that manifests in a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual plane, I am committed to helping you discover your true nature and clear any dis-eases from your life. Energy Medicine has been used for eons to remove physical, mental and emotional blockages. A Reiki, Healing Touch, Vibrational Healing or Spiritual Coaching Session can have you in a better, more relaxed state in only an hour! Raindrop Therapy can clear toxins, remove blockages and energize you, all in less than 90 minutes. Do you have an hour to spare for your health? Come experience the blissful existence that awaits you. Get relief from chronic fatigue, stress, flu symptoms and an array of other ailments and dis-eases, simply by relaxing your body and allowing it to do the healing. Some sessions are combined with Color Therapy, Aura Soma, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy and Visualization Techniques to offer you the maximum benefit. Reiki, Meditation, Raindrop Technique workshops, and other classes are also available throughout the year so make sure to keep checking the schedule as classes are added often. Better yet, sign up as a member down below, and you will receive automatic updates and information.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Corinna's Prayer Manifestation Box

FREE New Service:

Have something you need help with?
If you are working on manifesting a wish,  not feeling well, have health issues, family troubles or just need some prayers and positive energy, give me a shout.
It would be my pleasure to add your name and message to my Prayer Manifestation Box. This is a physical box that I treat regularly with Vibrational Energy Medicine and which keeps the energy and good juju flowing to you for a whole week at NO Charge!
It is a FREE service for everyone that needs a little help from the Universe :-)
So send me an email, text, fb message and I'll be happy to get the good vibes flowing your way!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Are you looking for some balance in your life?

Balance & Stress Reducer package.

A month long program to get you out of stress and into life!

Well summer is in full swing, the sun is out - with the occasional showers here in Colorado - and the veggie gardens are finally thriving. Hopefully you've had time to allow for some fun and relaxation and maybe even a vacation. And if not, you better hurry and fit it in soon because if you look at the calendar school starts in only three weeks. For those of us with kids that means running to get them registered, figuring out their class schedules and finding just the right supplies that the schools are asking for not to mention getting our own schedule reorganized and figured out with the new fall line up coming up. Either way, kids or not, fall always brings a new hectic rhythm to the table that we need to account for. 

All this can lead to frustration and angst as the lack of time and deadlines to get everything done close in. And if we are not well prepared and take time for ourselves, this chaos can quickly turn to a stressful reaction from the body; whether that registers as a minor cold, an allergic reaction or a catatonic breakdown of our physical and/or mental body. 

<4 in 1 Balance & Stress Reducer package>
One 90 minute life coaching & Energy Medicine Session per week for 4 consecutive weeks.

So in view of this anticipated busy time I am offering a limited time 4 in 1 package of balance and stress reducer  sessions to keep you strong and prepared for the upcoming challenges. This is the time to take care of yourself and get yourself in a zen state where you can breeze through anything that comes your way. 
Have you been feeling tired, lifeless, bloated, like you cannot catch up with life? Are you trying to find a way to feel better that doesn't involve pills or more visits to the doctor?
These sessions will help get you on track to feeling strong, energetic and calm to face your upcoming challenges. It will also boost your immune system so you will be ready for fall and the cocktail of viruses that start floating around. You will find out techniques and ways to regain your strength and keep it, create goals and vision for dreams long lost.

Prevention versus Intervention: lets face it, would you rather be at a Dr's office and feeling miserable while you wait your turn to be seen, or be comfortably tucked in a massage table, with soft music, a safe environment where you can relax and take a break from the world for a while while your body is finding its balance and strength? One of the perks of Reiki/Healing Touch is how relaxed you feel at the end of the session. Energy Medicine however, works hand in hand with Western Medline, a healthy diet and stress free environment which can help keep you going strong. Together we can work alongside any program assigned to you by your doctor and help boost its efficacy and help your body heal at a faster pace.

If you have been feeling out of balance and rugged this is even more for you as now would be a great time to spend an hour a week for just yourself, to get you renewed and rejuvenated. Think of these sessions as relaxation time that keeps on giving, since Energy Medicine does not stop once the session is finished but it keeps on working for 4-7 days depending on the person.
Take just one hour a week to help yourself relax with a Vibrational Healing session and feel your body getting renewed and rejuvenated. 

We live in a somewhat hectic world and it is up to you to put the brakes on and change things around before life runs your down. Only you can take charge of your daily life and health and with this program I can help you get back on track.  

Each session is 90 minutes long, allowing for a 30 minute life coaching followed by a full hour of Vibrational Healing which could include any of the following: Healing Touch, Reiki,  Chakra balancing, Color Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Aroma Therapy (may include reflexology), Aura Soma, Raindrop Therapy (needs to be scheduled ahead of time).

It is four weeks long, once a week for 90 minutes each session.   

The Balance and Stress Reducer package offers you a chance to grab life by the horns and get back on track in just one month. Giving you tools to change the things in life that do not work for you and help replace them with what you've been longing for. All the while helping your body reach relaxation and allowing it to come back into balance, helping you feel better and more energetic.  

We are meant to live joyful and energetic lives!  
If you are not then chances are you are out of balance.
Let's get together and help you get back on track. 

Take the plunge to a happier and healthier self today. Pick up the phone and give me a call to schedule your sessions today. It is best to book ass 4 sessions together as space is limited (there are only so many hours in a day ;-)) But either way I will do my best to fit you in!

Details: This program will be available starting August 1st and needs to be scheduled for four consecutive weeks in order to be most effective. As with any program, please do realize that this is a kick starter and you need to be wanting to create change in your life in order to achieve your desired results. Whatever you are envisioning in your future is worth the effort and commitment to change. We will cover a lot of ground in one month but you will need to keep up the good work in order to keep changes coming and to help them stick. Follow up appointments are always available as you need them and for the individual price. You are always welcome however, to double up and follow up with another month package if you feel you need the extra motivation.
Cost: This is a one on one program that is designed to remind you of your potential and guide you on how to reach your dreams. The special pricing or this program in only $430, a savings of  $50 from regular single Vibrational Healing sessions put together. It is a most comprehensive package of healing sessions using an array of vibrational tools as needed for each client. With this program you get the added bonus of life coaching and special tools built in with each energy medicine session.
Payment plans can be arranged.

Let me support you through the changes you would like to make in your life and help you lead a more joyful and pain free lifestyle.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.

  E-mail me or call here to register for sessions and you may either pay in session or visit the buttons to the right to pay for the package with a credit card.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Color Therapy - Wearing orange glasses at night?

Why I Wear Orange Sunglasses at Night and You Shuold too Why I Wear Orange Sunglasses at Night

Yes, it sounds funny and weird but I always talk about using color therapy every day in your life and this is a great example.  I stumbled upon this article below, where Katie talks about wearing orange glasses at night and how it helps her relax and get better sleep. At the office I carry the whole array of color therapy glasses and it is fun to see how even a few minutes of wearing them can affect great positive changes on my clients.
Read on for her explanation on how the orange glasses works and some more interesting info.

Why I Wear Orange Sunglasses at Night

My post on how to get better sleep naturally has gotten really popular lately and I get a lot of questions about sleep problems, so I thought it would be helpful to share something that has improved my sleep lately: Wearing orange sunglasses at night.
Sound strange?
If you look at the research, it turns out that wearing silly glasses can serve a serious purpose!

The Problem with Blue Light:

There is a lot of research showing that blue light after sunset can disrupt circadian rhythm and suppress melatonin production but recent studies are showing that this has even more serious consequences.
Think about it, until the invention of electric light bulbs, people relied on the sun for the majority of their light and used only natural sources like candles, campfires and lanterns after dark (all orange lights). With the dawn of modern electricity, we suddenly had the ability to stay up with lights on for many hours after sunset.
With computers, TVs, tablets and phones, this use has extended even more and these new technologies are especially high in blue light.
Electricity brought many benefits, but it also gave us the ability to mess with our circadian rhythm and our sleep cycles.
Researchers have known for years that shift workers and those who are regularly up late at night are at a higher risk for various cancers but more recent research shows that even recreational exposure to blue light for a few hours at night can have a negative effect.
Some researchers even promote the theory that the disruption of natural circadian rhythm from (blue) light after dark is a big contributing factor to the rise in obesity and chronic disease. (1) There is even evidence linking this disruption of the sleep cycle to higher rates of heart disease, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems. (2)
From Harvard Medical School:
“Study after study has linked working the night shift and exposure to light at night to several types of cancer (breast, prostate), diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. It’s not exactly clear why nighttime light exposure seems to be so bad for us. But we do know that exposure to light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms, and there’s some experimental evidence (it’s very preliminary) that lower melatonin levels might explain the association with cancer.” (3)
Shift workers and those up after 11pm seem to be especially at risk for the negative effects of blue light, but the research is showing that any of us who are up after dark looking at sources of blue light (TV, computer, etc) are at risk. Since my work day begins when my kids go to bed at 8, avoiding these things was not an option so I looked for another solution.

Orange to Block the Blue:

Turns out, there is a simple way to reduce most of the blue light we see at night: orange sunglasses. From Harvard again:
“While light of any kind can suppress the secretion of melatonin, blue light does so more powerfully. Harvard researchers and their colleagues conducted an experiment comparing the effects of 6.5 hours of exposure to blue light to exposure to green light of comparable brightness. The blue light suppressed melatonin for about twice as long as the green light and shifted circadian rhythms by twice as much (3 hours vs. 1.5 hours).
“In another study of blue light, researchers at the University of Toronto compared the melatonin levels of people exposed to bright indoor light who were wearing blue-light–blocking goggles to people exposed to regular dim light without wearing goggles. The fact that the levels of the hormone were about the same in the two groups strengthens the hypothesis that blue light is a potent suppressor of melatonin. It also suggests that shift workers and night owls could perhaps protect themselves if they wore eyewear that blocks blue light.”
It is important to note that blue light in itself is actually a very good thing and that exposure to blue light (preferably outdoors) is important during the day to maintain proper circadian rhythm. It is only blue light at night that causes the problem since this light signals the body that it is still daytime (sunlight has a lot of blue light). (This PDF explains more)
In fact, avoiding blue light during the day has been linked to depression and sleep troubles so it is important to get blue light, but only during the day.
Psychology Today explains the benefits of wearing blue-blocking sunglasses at night:
  • “A study of 20 adults who wore either blue-light blocking or ultraviolet-light blocking glasses for 3 hours before sleep found that both sleep quality and mood improved among those in the group who wore blue-light blocking glasses, compared to the ultraviolet-light blocking group.
  • Shift workers are at especially high risk for circadian rhythm disruptions, because of their non-traditional schedules. In a study by scientists at Quebec’s Universite Laval, nightshift workers used blue-light blocking glasses at or near the end of their overnight shifts for 4 weeks. At the end of study period, their overall sleep amounts increased, as did their sleep efficiency.”

What You Can Do to Avoid Blue Light at Night:

  • Limit or avoid TV, computer, phone, etc after dark
  • If that isn’t possible or plausible, use orange sunglasses to help greatly reduce the blue light. I use these Uvex glasses because they were inexpensive and the most effective at reducing blue light of any of the orange glasses I tried (they also have one that fits over reading glasses). I actually ordered several pairs and these were the most comfortable and effective. You can also find more high end official blublocker glasses if you want a slightly higher quality pair.
  • Install an app like f.lux on computers and tablets. This automatically reduces blue light on these devices after dark.
  • Dim overhead lights or just use lamps with orange bulbs after dark. Our favorite way to do this is by using salt lamps to light our house at night. Bonus: They also help clean the air.
  • Exposure yourself to sunlight during the day to help keep your circadian rhythm in check and get some Vitamin D at the same time.
Would you wear orange sunglasses at night?
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5. More studies on blue light and melatonin available here.