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Welcome to Inspired Health Energy Medicine. A place where you can come experience health and vitality through powerful Energy Sessions and compassionate Spiritual Life Coaching. In addition to the private or group appointments, I am so excited to introduce you to an amazing new line up of classes and conscious curriculum which can aid you to create powerful and lasting positive changes in your life. Here you can find information about Energy Medicine & Vibrational Healing which can assist with the process of ascension as well as to find ways to get unstuck in life. Join this blog for articles, a copy of my Newsletter, get details on classes and Workshops and other fun stuff. Through this page you can also connect with me on Facebook and see posts on Inspired Health Energy Medicine. Inspirational messages, short meditations and tidbits are posted regularly for your benefit.

Are you ready to feel better? To thrive and not just survive? It is my business and my life's dream to help you feel great and reclaim the joy in your life! Whether that manifests in a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual plane, I am committed to helping you discover your true nature and clear any dis-eases from your life. Energy Medicine has been used for eons to remove physical, mental and emotional blockages. A Vibrational Healing Session, Reiki, Healing Touch or Spiritual Coaching Session can have you in a better, more relaxed state in only an hour! Do you have an hour to spare for your health? Come experience the blissful existence that awaits you. Get relief from chronic fatigue, stress, flu symptoms, depression, anxiety and an array of other ailments and dis-eases, simply by relaxing your body and allowing it to do the healing.

Vibrational & Energy Healing sessions are combined with Color Therapy, Aura Soma, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Visualization Techniques to offer you the maximum benefit. Reiki, Healing Touch, Raindrop Technique workshops, Information on Crystals, Meditation and other classes are also available throughout the year so make sure to keep checking the schedule as classes are added often. Better yet, by signing up down below at "Join this Site", you can receive automatic updates and information on new posts and classes.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jedi Training for the Soul - A group for Teens & Young Adults

A revolving gathering of like-minded teens and young adults that want to have fun exploring their true self. Snacks offered.
2nd & 4th Tuesdays each month, 6:30-8:00pm, at Pathways to Wellness, 134 W. Harvard Street, Fort Collins, CO.

Our goal for this get together is to provide a space for teens and young adults where you can be yourself and meet other like-minded people. In my practice I meet so many wonderful young adults and it is my goal to provide a place where you can come together and freely discuss what is on your mind, learn more about being "different" in this world and why it is ok to be who you are. We will touch on subjects that deal with our power within. Some discussions will include information on Auras, Third Eye, Chakras, Meditation, Being aware of Subtle Energies around you and other wild topics that most people will not talk about.
We are so excited to be offering these life changing tools of empowerment and fun for Teens and Young Adults ages 13-24. Join us and be part of this new generation of young adults that bring inspiring change to our world!
Presented by Corinna Kromer
Please RSVP at so we can accommodate for space/snacks.
Pay at the door, $15/meeting

My Healing Touch & Movement for Kids

We invite you and your children (6-12) to join us as we teach the tools and activities to honor the power within. 
Weekly classes, Tuesdays, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm at Pathways to Wellness, 134 W. Harvard Street, Fort Collins, CO.
No continuous time commitment necessary, but please RSVP
The first Tuesday of the month will be a hands on activity workshop hosted by Corinna Kromer, CRM/T, HTCP, who will teach My Healing Touch concepts for kids and their parents.
Each remaining Tuesday of the month kids will get to experience creative movement with drums, yoga and more with Jill Rios. Lets dance, be silly and find our power within and celebrate our kids amazing spirit within.

I am so excited to be offering these life changing tools of empowerment and fun for kids ages 6-12. As a parent and caretaker I am thrilled to provide this powerful knowledge for kids and parents alike to help enhance your lives, aid the parent/kid relationships and help you navigate life together successfully and with joy.
Join us and be part of this new generation of kids and parents that bring inspiring change to our world!

Please RSVP at and contact myself or Jill through Meetup to learn more. $15/class Paid at the door

Thursday, March 26, 2015

OPEN HOUSE - Pathways to Wellnes Grand Re-Opening!

Don't Miss out! - Come join the fun and experience $1/minute Vibrational Healing Sessions with Corinna Kromer

Pathways to Wellness, 134 W. Harvard Street, #6, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Friday, March 20, 2015

New Classes - DIY for Home & Health

Join us on the 3rd Monday of each month at Pathways to Wellness in Fort Collins, CO for a fun class of how to prepare your own recipes for Home and Health. 
Some of the things you will learn how to make might include home made Toothpaste and Lip Balm , Natural Makeup and Night Facial Cream, Insect Repellant, Sun Screen, Dishwasher cubes, Dryer Fluff Spheres, Healing Salve, Tinctures, Essential Oil Spritzers, Aromatherapy Blends and more wonderful goods. 

This is a chance for you to learn how to create your own staples and stay healthy 
without the addition of chemicals and unnatural ingredients in the products you use 
for your home and yourself.
Join us for these fun classes, bring something to sip on and 
we'll supply the cheese and crackers.
Learning how to make these staples at home comes with a load of benefits:
  •  Printed recipe to take home and use over and over. Large quantities ensures you can store some for later and not have to go to the store for a while.
  •  300% savings in making your own products. Store bought organic toothpaste costs $6.00/tube
  •  Natural ingredients help strengthen gums and whiten teeth
  •  Fluoride Free
  •  SLS Free (sodium laureth sulfite) 
  •  Sulfactant (detergent) Free
  •  Polymer Free, No Polypropylene Glycol
  • Take home jar means you'll have some product for a while and you can reuse the jar.
*Organic (We strive to utilize organic ingredients when possible, and we never use synthetic chemicals or substitutes) 

Don't forget you get to take home a generous amount of the product
we make in class to get you started.

To find out what we are making in each class either contact me or look up the Pathways to Wellness meetup at or the website