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Friday, April 25, 2014

Relieve Stress Now with Meditation & Movement

Meditation for Stress Management

Probably the simplest and most effective way to reduce and/or manage stress in our daily lives is to practice meditation. The benefits are significant and if you don’t have a daily practice established yet, here are some good reasons to start now! During meditation the heart rate and breathing slow down, your blood pressure normalizes, you use oxygen more efficiently, and you sweat less. Also, your adrenal glands produce less cortisol, your mind ages at a slower rate, and your immune function improves. It is also known to help improve creativity!
So, now that you know the benefits you’re ready to get started.
  • Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit or lay down where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Start with 5-10 minutes of meditation initially and then add on 5 minute increments when you feel ready to lengthen your practice.
  • Close your eyes and just focus on your breathing, feeling your belly rise and fall with each inhale and exhalation.
  • Allow the thoughts and any emotions you feel to just be there. Remain an objective observer to them, no need to resist them, just accept that they are there right now. The more you practice, the more gaps you will experience between your thoughts. Those gaps are the state of meditation.
  • Give it time to cultivate your practice. If at first you don’t succeed no need to judge yourself for it. Remember that it takes a regular practice to remain still for long periods.
  • Use a timer (e.g. soothing chimes) to let you know when you’re practice time is over so that you can move with awareness into whatever is happening next in your daily routine. Move More, Stress Less
  • Too busy and stressed to move more? Think again. Just about any form of physical activity - from a brisk walk to lifting weights - relieves stress.
  • Activity pumps up feel-good chemicals in the brain. Do you notice yourself feeling happier and more confident after going for a walk or taking a Zumba class? If so, that's those mood-boosting chemicals at work.
  • Also, the effect of physical activity is similar to meditation - when you focus on a single task, whether deep breathing as in meditation or in concentrating on moving your body, your stress level drops. Afterward you will feel calm and ready to tackle your to-do list.
  • Pencil-in time on your schedule for physical activity. By making activity a priority you have a built-in natural stress reliever for your busy day.
Source: Get Moving Vermont (“How To Practice Basic Meditation for Stress Management,” Elizabeth Scott, M.S.) 

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