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Monday, January 11, 2016

Protecting your space and keeping your energy levels high!

Protecting your personal space
Are you sensitive to other people’s moods and emotions? Do you feel the tension or excitement when you first walk into a space without anyone even saying a word? Then chances are you would be characterized as an empath or otherwise known as a Highly Sensitive Person.
Your body is super sensitive to what is going on around you; you are like an antenna that receives a signal from every person near or far and often you mistakenly recognize those thoughts and emotions as yours. It is easy for you to absorb everyone’s moods and often feel drained after a conversation or meeting with someone. You tend to identify with people and their problems and want to fix everything.
Life can be very difficult and exhausting when you are an empath and don’t recognize it. There are however tools you can use to protect yourself, keep your personal space clean and learn how to help others without exhausting your own stash of healthy energy and threatening your wellbeing.

Some tools are physical objects and some of them are invisible energy fields that extend around your body to keep you safe. Those tools provide us with what we call Shielding or Protecting your Personal Space. There are several ways of protecting your space and here are some of them listed below:

Think of your personal space as a body suit or deep water diving suit that provides an extra layer of protection for you from harsh elements. That shield/bubble that you create will help protect you against negative energies, grumpy and draining people, difficult situations and anything that might lower your vibration. Your suit/shield can be really tight and close to your skin, or it can extend inches or even feet from your physical body. When we use shielding we actively engage in activating our bubble at the distance that we feel is safe. You may need to protect yourself from someone you work with that is very negative and always brings you down. So, you make sure that when you are at work you intentionally keep that person at a distance by imagining your body suit blowing up, as if in a bubble and extending outward providing a shield between you and that other person.
However, you do need to remember to put your shied down when you remove yourself from that environment and allow your being to recharge by sun exposure, meditation, quiet time, a walk in nature and whatever makes you feel relaxed and content. Having your shield up all the time might eventually lead to exhaustion itself as it shields you from all energies coming in; good and bad.
There are ways to program your shield/bubble to allow certain energies in and block others, something which we will visit at a future post.

If you are good at visualizing you may enjoy this form of shielding with roses. Imagine yourself in the center of a circle of long stemmed roses. The roses can be any color you choose although red is usually a powerful, blasting color that can hold a space well. There are roses spaced all around you in a circle, protecting you from any negative energies around you. You can choose to have the circle of roses close to you or extend it further out if you feel you need more space. You may also use single long stemmed roses if you feel you are energetically threatened by someone in a moment’s notice. Perhaps you feel an argument brewing or someone is coming your way and looks pretty mad. Just raise a single long stemmed rose their way, raising your shield and protecting your space in a moment’s notice. A rose is a kind, beautiful way of blocking an incoming energy. It may serve as disarming the negativity and preparing yourself for a moment of abrupt change.

For eons crystals have been used to protect space and people. They have been worn as amulets, planted in the ground or water and laid around a house to create a loving, positive shield for the home environment. Minerals, rocks, gemstones each have special qualities that we can tap into for information and clarity. They hold energy and wisdom all the way from the earth’s creation and are very helpful tools in clearing and shielding.
Crystals can be used in so many different ways and there is a plethora of information on them if you’d like to find out which crystals is best for you and for what use.
Wearing crystals as jewelry, in an amulet bag around your neck, in your pockets or in your purse are ways of always having them protecting your space. You may also place them in special locations around your house, especially by the front door, at your desk at work, in your garden, in your car or wherever you find yourself frequenting. You may also place them under your pillow or in a chakra pillow, or create a grid under your bed or on your altar.
Some of the most common crystals used for clearing and energy support are:
Quartz – clear or smoky quartz are excellent space clearing rocks. They help clear negative energy and also help bring in new light and tap into the streaks of white energy refracting all the colors of the rainbow.
Rose Quartz – A beautiful pink rock, which helps break down barriers of the heart, and bring in soothing pink vibes for healing and supporting of the heart center.
Amethyst – a very gentle quartz, lavender/purple in color, with extremely powerful and protective qualities and a high spiritual vibration. It can guard against psychic attacks and also is helpful for providing protection and easy sleep for kids by placing under the mattress or pillow.
Selenite – has a very high vibration and can be used to form a protective grid around a space.
Fire Agate – has a deep connection to the earth and has a strong protective function especially against ill-wishing.
Amber – is a powerful chakra cleanser and imbues the body with vitality. Has the power to draw disease out of the body. Alleviates stress.
Angelite – a powerful stone providing protection for the environment and the body.
Obsidian – is a strongly protective stone forming a shield against negativity.

Archangels, Ascended Masters and Guides
As when in prayer, angels and saints are always available for us to ask for help. Archangels and Ascended Master are not barred by time and space; they can be in several places at once and can serve many people at the same time. So feel free to call upon them at any time. However, since we live on a planet of “free choice” they have to be called upon in order to intervene.
One of the prime sources of protections is ascended master El Morya. El Morya will place his shields of protection around your heart and the small of your back to help protect you from negative influences. An invocation for El Morya follows:
“Beloved El Morya, who serves the Diving Light, please come to me now. Escort me to the space of selfless service where Divine assignments are made. Shield me from the negative thoughts of my own mind, as well as negative energy in general. Help me stay centered in my commitment to learn, grow, heal, and teach with a positive intent and positive energy. Thank you”. Source: Doreen Virtue, Archangels and Ascended Masters.
Archangel Michael is the main archangel who you can call upon for help with any issue as well as for protection. He is here to provide a layer of protection for you with his large shield and spear, and with his beautiful iridescent indigo light. A simple request may sounds like: “Archangel Michael please protect me and shield me with your light and love now and always”.
Guides are always around us and willing to help. Guides can be helpful light spirits, ancestral guides who have a kinship to you, spirit guides here to guide you and animal guides who can help you explore your archetypes.
You may always call on any extra help your find friendly and safe whether you call that God, Spirit, Soul, Archangels. Support from the spirit realm is always near.

Corinna ♥

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